Sunday morning Dusty the Rooster, who was attacked, was out enjoying the sun.  It took awhile for his broken foot to heal, but he is definitely doing much better and his tail is growing back.

We had a new office worker, Dani, getting trained for helping on Sundays and really busy days.

She is no stranger to the shelter as she has been volunteering since 2009.

We had three horses surrendered under the Last Act of Kindness program.  The trailer was backed up and Larry looked on as the horses prepared to unload.  The horses will be evaluated for quality of life and adaptability to see if they can be put into the adoption program.

The auction horses arrived safely at the shelter.  We covered the auction rescue in yesterday’s blog, if you missed that, click here.

Twister got to play in the round pen!  He really enjoyed rolling in the soft fluffy footing and goofing off.  He is in adoption pending and should be heading to his new home soon.

The storm that has been here for what seems like forever was finally breaking Sunday evening.  The sunset was so gorgeous!

Monday Jason and Larry got to work on the fencing.  All the critters were definitely enjoying the nice warm sun.

Parcey decided to be the fencing foreman to make sure they did it just right.

Some of the horses have been in stalls to keep them out of the rain.  One of the pony’s got turned out.  He started running with delight, his little tail was flying like a flag.

Sally, who was rescued at the auction this weekend, was evaluated for riding ability and adoptability.  She seems like a really nice horse and did very nice for her evaluation.  She is a nice Quarterhorse type mare in her mid teens.  She will make someone a very nice horse, and she is available for adoption.

Sally’s evaluation was wrapping up as the sun slipped into the west.  It was very nice to finally get some work done in the sun for a change.

A great big “Thank you!” goes to each one of you who donated to help with the last auction rescue.  We can’t thank you enough.