We want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season.  We hope that you and your family are enjoying this wonderful time of year.

Tuesday morning Jim was out early picking up horses that were being surrendered.  In the first group he brought in 3 horses.  2 of them were previously adopted from us, Bonnie and Leon, along with another horse being surrendered into the Last Act of Kindness Program.

Leon is a very handsome guy, we rescued him from the auction as a 6 year old stallion.  We gelded him and adopted him to a very loving family, but unfortunately they are losing their home and cannot keep him anymore.  He is now 7 years old and a very gorgeous boy.

After Jim got the horses unloaded, he headed out to pick up another horse, while Jason headed out to pick up the two auction horses.

Our farrier came out and worked on one of the auction horses.  She had very long hooves.

Sally was a good girl and didn’t cause any trouble for the farrier.

She was rewarded with some yummy Major Tom Cookies at the end of her trim.  She really enjoyed the cookies!

Jason arrived at the auction.  Frita wasn’t quite sure about loading into the trailer, but with some gentle coaxing, she hopped in.

Then Miss Dot Dash was led to the trailer.  She was such a good girl and it was easy to tell that someone really loved her and spent some time with her.

Back at the shelter Twister was getting ready to be adopted.  His new mom was on her way.

Talking to Twister’s mom, she was also very interested in Sequoia and wanted to meet him too.

Both the boys got groomed up so they would look their best.  They were waiting patiently in the pen for their mom to arrive.

They didn’t arrived until after dark, and shortly after they arrived Jim got back from picking up the horse he went to pick up.

We feel really sorry for this poor guy that Jim brought in, his body is just riddled with cancer and he is very neurological.  He was surrendered into the Last Act of Kindness.

Twister’s new mom really fell in love with him.

She really fell in love with Sequoia too and decided to adopt them both.  She wanted to put leg wraps on both of them for the trip.  Twister wouldn’t have anything to do with the leg wraps, but Sequoia was a good boy.  We did notice in the picture he is sticking his tongue out though.

With a little coaxing Sequoia loaded right into the trailer.

Twister looked a little wide eyed about the situation of loading into a trailer with a ramp.

It took a lot of coaxing and persuading to load Twister into the trailer.

Once he did, he realized there was yummy snacks and hay waiting in the feed bin.

Next Jason got back from the auction.  Miss Dot Dash was the first one to unload.

And Frita followed her out.  They seemed to have really bonded and Frita has a good friend in Dot.

Wednesday we found out that Miss Dot Dash had been taken to the auction despite having a first right of refusal contract.  Her old mom is very upset that Dot was taken to an auction, and is filling out the adoption application and is planning on adopting her and keeping her for life so this never happens again to her precious horse.