2014 – Happy Ending, Happy New Year

We would like to wish you all a Yappy Neigh Year!  That is animal speak for “Happy New Year.”  The dogs are yapping and the horses are neighing: it’s a new year tomorrow!

As 2014 ends this evening, it’s with gratitude that we tell you “Thank you.”  Thank you for supporting our rescue efforts in saving lives from the auctions.  Auctions are the stepping stone for thousands of horses a year entering the slaughter pipeline.  Thanks to your support, we made a real difference in the lives of hundreds of those horses.

Thank you for supporting our rescue efforts in helping horses and their owners who for many various reasons were unable to keep their beloved horse.  Sickness, old age, loss of a job or foreclosure, needing the Last Act of Kindess, there were many reasons so many horses were surrendered to the shelter.  Thanks to your support, we were able to give horse owners humane placement for their beloved friend.

Thanks to your support we were able to assist Law Enforcement in sheltering seized or abandoned animals and investigating animal abuse.  Many counties in California utilized our services this year.

Thanks to your support, and to the adopters who stepped forward to open their heart and home to a shelter animal, or two, many many animals found loving, forever homes this year.

Thanks to your support, our trainer Kirsty has trained dozens and dozens of unadoptable horses, making them highly adoptable and showing them to potential adopters.   Without her tireless efforts, those untrained horses would have likely not found loving homes.  She is a real life-saver!

We can’t say “Thank you!” enough for your support in 2014!  Over 700 precious animals were saved and sheltered, mostly horses.  We can’t wait to see what exciting developments happen in 2015!

As 2014 closes, we hope that you will consider a last minute 2014 financial donation.  IRS rules dictate that funds must be received by midnight tonight to count towards your tax deductible 2014 donations.  Won’t you please make a gift right now?  Click here.  If you would prefer to donate using your Paypal account, our Paypal email donation address is: donate@horsehumane.org

Again, thank you!