This blog is a big catch-up of what’s been happening lately.

We had a very sweet girl come to the shelter with her father.  They enjoyed a tour and enjoyed meeting the animals.  She donated some money to help care for the animals, thank you so much!

Yet another load of cubes was delivered.  Each one of these loads costs over $4,000.  With all the animals at the shelter that eat the cubes, they don’t last very long at all.

All of our staff have been very busy with all the horses we rescued from Grass Valley.  They had absolutely no respect for fencing or panels, and smashed down panels, breaking out twice on two different nights.  As you can imagine, having that many wild stallions running loose at the shelter at night was very troublesome.  Thankfully our on-site personal were able to get them rounded up safely and no one was injured, and they were kept away from the mares.  After their pen was sufficiently strengthened they have been trouble free.  We are having to keep them in the arena for their safety and the safety of all the other horses at the shelter.

Jim has been very busy transporting horses to the shelter from people who can no longer keep their beloved companions.

Larry and April have been doing a great job keeping up on the fences and maintenance around the shelter.

Of course, it’s done under Parcey’s watchful eye to make sure Larry is doing it all right.

The kids who visited with a school tour awhile ago came to the shelter again to spend more time with the animals.  They really enjoyed leading Dottie and Little Dee around.

They also worked on collecting money to donate to the shelter.  They are excited to be able to help care for Dottie’s feed.

Dottie really likes her new friends too and all the attention they give her.

We are getting low on our bedding, and are getting ready to order another semi truck of it.  The chickens are waiting anxiously for it to be delivered, they love picking through it to find all the goodies.

Leon leaped for joy when he found out he had an adoptive home lined up.  He was definitely frolicking with joy in the pasture.

We had a good group of volunteers come out and they were working on reinforcing one of the bigger pens for the stallions.

One family came out to do a tour.  They really enjoyed it and donated a bag of carrots.

The transporter coming to pick up Leon and Jasper, a pony who was being adopted, and she fell in love with Lilly, the paint mare from the Grass Valley horses.  As she is a previous adopter, she was able to take Lilly home with her.

We are so happy for Lilly.  When we first saw her in the Grass Valley pasture, she was very lame and very skinny.  She is the skinniest mare in the group.  We weren’t sure if she was going to make it or not.  Since being at the shelter she has become more comfortable and her lameness is not as bad, she is definitely on the upward mend.

Lilly arrived safely at her new home and her spoiling has begun.  She even got a nice new blanket for the night.  We are so happy for Lilly.

Please remember our 2015 shelter hours have changed a bit, the office is open Sun t0 Thr 12:00 – 5:00, but we are open for visitors Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday 12:00 – 5:00.  Thank you all for your support!