We got a great update on Bayo.  His mom loves riding him all around and he’s the best boy for her.  We rescued Bayo from a Nevada slaughter auction and we are so happy we were able to save him from that horrible fate and find him such a great home.

    Thursday was busy gelding more of the stallions. We want to thank all the vets who came out and helped, we really appreciate it.  In all 3 vets worked at different times to get them all gelded.

One by one they were sedated in our special padded chute and headed off to sleepy land.  Most of the stallions were never handled before, a few of the older studs were haltered trained, but all of the youngsters have no clue about the halter.  These are not wild horses like Mustangs, but they are unhandled Quarterhorse type horses.

   Meanwhile our farrier was busy getting Thunder’s feet trimmed.  The farrier said he was a very sweet boy.

  Back in the surgery room our staff and vet kept working hard on getting the stallions gelded. Pistol had a large older wound on his side.  The vet cleaned it up and reports that it was at least a month old.

The newly gelded horses would slowly wake up, seeming to be confused about what had happened.  We wished we could tell them they were okay.  It was a very busy day with all the geldings, Friday morning we finished gelding the last 2 stallions and they are all ready for adoption!

  Thursday Storm got adopted, we are so happy for him and his new dad.  They are going to be great buddies.

Sunday started off with a lot of trailers in the parking lot.

  Thunder’s new mom arrived and was very happy to see him. We are excited for Thunder’s future.

   He’s spoiled already with his nice treat for the way home. He took one last look out with a look of pure happiness.

  There were a lot of people coming out to look at the horses.  In all, 6 horses were adopted and headed to their new homes!

All the horses were loving the attention they were getting.  They really like meeting new people, and we were so pleased to see some of the Grass Valley horses getting adopted.

Cathy in the office was just as busy as all the staff was out back giving tours.  At times she had more than 20 people waiting to be taken back to meet the horses.

  Finally the last trailed headed out near the end of the day with a precious adoptee inside.

Thank you all for your support and a special “Thank you!” goes to each person who opened their hearts and homes and adopted a rescued horse.