Sunday we had two nice Arabians surrendered into our adoption program, this pretty boy is named Colors, registered name of Original Colours.  He is in adoption pending already.

This is Thee Kaffir AA++,  a 15 year old Arab who has a extensive show record and has over $100,000 worth of training.  As a stallion Kaffir won Top Ten honors at the Sport Horse National.  His breeders retired, had him gelded and he has not been ridden for the last 5 years.  He will need an experienced rider as he has been sitting for awhile and is so trained for the smallest of cues. 

  Here is one of his show pictures.  You can also see some of the points at the 2008 Scottsdale All Arabian Horse Show he earned by clicking here.  If you are interested in adopting him, we recommend putting a hold on him right away!  For more information, click here.

   Monday we had some chickens surrendered, the people thought they were all roosters, but….

…one of them looked like a hen to us, despite her owners saying she was a rooster.  We put her in a separate crate, and within an hour, she laid an egg, proving she was a hen.  Earlier that day we had someone call looking for hens, so this lovely girl was adopted the same day, with her precious egg.

Tuesday our staff was busy building more dividers for our feed and bedding.

  In the end if all looked so great!

Kirsty was busy working with Peaches on her ground work.  She is a four year old mare we rescued from auction in December.  She is such a pretty girl and is very sweet too.  She will make a great horse for someone.

Wednesday our turkeys, Mac and Cheese, got some attention from Cathy, our receptionist.

They were both very pleased with their yummy treats.  They are both looking for homes.  They are very sweet, loving birds.  We are looking for a home that is not going to eat them next Thanksgiving.

Thank you all for your support!