We have an update on the guy who was arrested for horse abuse near Olivehurst / Lincoln.  In September we rescued quite a number of horses from him, you can read that blog by clicking here.  Just a quick update, his court date is Friday the 13th at 8:30 AM at the Yuba County Courthouse.  It is a public hearing, and anyone following the case or interested in the case, however, please do not bring any protest signs or wear protest type clothing into the courtroom as you will be forcibly removed.

Thursday morning we had two peahens surrendered.  They are really beautiful!

   Meanwhile the horses were enjoying their breakfast.  It’s so nice to see happy faces first thing in the morning, it always starts the day off right.

   As soon as the gates were open Redding’s new owner was ready to pick him up.  Redding went right to work munching down the nice hay they had ready for him.

  The Peahens beauty won the heart of some volunteers and they were both adopted.  We are so excited for them!

   Kirsty got to work with the two new Arabs. Colors was quite hyper as he has not been ridden in 5 years.  He sure was an amazing sight trotting around the round pen.

Kaffir has not been ridden in 5 years either.  Kirsty worked with him refreshing his mind on being saddled and worked him in the round pen.  He is in adoption pending and hopefully will be going home soon!

We have been working hard building some new and improved fencing around the shelter.  It’s looking really nice!

After closing, and after sunset, we had a late arrival, a 14 year old Warmblood.

This big beautiful boy is named Hank.  He is a very well trained 16 hand Warmblood / Standardbred.  His is such a big beautiful boy, and very sweet.

Sunday we had a nasty storm hit, but that didn’t stop our staff.  It was going to be a busy morning with 7 horses scheduled to be going to their new homes!  The first two horses were getting ready to be loaded up and delivered to their new home.

Forest hopped right in the trailer, glad to have a dry place to travel.

   Peaches and Forest were heading to their new home together.  Peaches was a good girl and hopped right in too.  We are so happy to see these horses going to their new home.  Forest is one of the horses that was rounded by the state of Nevada and was going to be shipped to slaughter if we didn’t take him and Peaches was rescued from an auction.

Jim and Laura headed off with their precious load, but before hitting the road Jim loaded up a bag of cubes so they wouldn’t miss a meal.

Next we had 5 of the Grass Valley horses, all recently gelded, getting ready to leave.  We are so thankful that so many people have stepped forward to give them homes!

They each had to be microchipped, so one by one they went into our padded chute.  Typically microchipping is done during gelding, but with the large number of gelding operations, our microchip supply ran out and we had to order more.

Larry helped back the trailer up to the holding room where they were going to be loaded.

The geldings were enjoying a nice yummy snack to keep them occupied while they waited to be loaded.

  They loaded right up and soon they were on their way.  They are headed to a ranch where they are going to be trained to be ranch geldings.  We really appreciate the rancher adopting rescued horses instead of going out and buying top dollar horses for his ranch.  With TLC and training he is going to have a wonderful group of geldings for his ranch.

 While it was pouring rain, our volunteers cleaned our barn stalls, trying their best to stay warm and dry, but still helping out around the shelter.

Larry and Kirsty also were trying to stay warm and dry by working in the office getting paperwork and emails done.

Thank you for all your support, both financial and emotional.  Your support is what makes it all happen!