Monday Dr. Wulf came out to look at a few of our horses. Angel (the blind horse) got a check up.  She was curiously listening, trying to picture what Dr. Wulf’s clipboard looks like.

   You may remember the US Park mules that we rescued by bidding on them on the government auction?  The person in charge of disposing of them is so impressed by our organization that they have agreed to simply transfer any retiring mules or horses from the US Park Service to us.  This is a wonderful opportunity that will keep them from being auctioned off, quite possibly to a killer buyer.  We recently received word that they had two mules, and so Jim and Laura headed out to pick them up.  They arrived Monday, meet Jerry (left) and Buck (the dark one.)  They are both 23 years old and have been used as pack mules.  We are told that there is nothing wrong with them.  They are looking for a home, perhaps yours?  If you like camping, these would be perfect companions, they could pack in your camping gear no problem.

   That nasty storm that hit us over the weekend also damaged our fence. Due to the heavy wind, and the fact the posts were rotted out at the ground, part of it simply blew over.

   Tuesday morning our staff got right to work on cleaning up the mess.  We plan on putting up new fencing very soon.

Lightning has been in adoption pending, and today was her lucky day to go home.  She was a good girl and hopped right into the trailer.

   Colours’s potential adopters came out to see him, they really have fallen in love with him. He was such a good boy for them.

   The Nevada range mustangs that we rescued from the prison have been doing great in our lower field.  We had planned on using them in the Makeover competition, however, with a lack of interest from trainers, we had to cancel the event this year.  We have brought them up to our main pasture to show potential adopters. We are waiving the adoption fee on them. If you are interested please contact us.

    We have also brought Geronimo up from the lower pasture for halter breaking. He had a very good first session.  We had him in the lower field so he could adjust to being gelded, and now he is all healed up and ready for training.  He has a very sound mind, isn’t buddy sour even if his friends run off, and has a yearning to be with people. If you are interested in adopting him please contact us.

Kirsty was busy evaluating the 17 hand Warmblood Hank. He was such a good boy for her. He drops his head way down for you, so you can put the bridle on. She really enjoyed working with him.

  Little D started as Angel’s seeing-eye donkey, but Angel has decided she is a big girl and wants to be with her special full size horse friend, Phoenix.  Little D hopes you have a great week and wants to thank you for your support!