Just a quick update on the case regarding the man who was arrested for animal abuse, his court date has been postponed, it is NOT happening tomorrow the 13th.  We will keep you updated on this case as it progresses.

     The resident Alpacas were all smiles in the warm sunny weather.  They help keep the blackberries from taking over the shelter.

   In addition to blowing our fence over, the storm also blew our banner off.  Tawnee got to work getting it back up.

  We had some people come to the shelter with a trailer, but it wasn’t an animal they were after.  We have an ad on Craigslist for free manure. If you or anyone you know is interested in some aged (or fresh) manure for your garden, you can pick it up at our shelter Sun, Tues and Thurs from 12:00 – 5:00.

Geronimo is doing great in his leading lessons.  He is such a sweet boy and we know that the right home is waiting for him.

  We had some potential adopters come out to see the mules, they quickly fell in love and put a hold on them.  We are so happy for theses two and hope they get to go home soon.

Kirsty worked with Reina today, she’s been sitting for awhile so Kirsty did some refreshing with her.  She did very good and has a good memory.

  Some of the stalls flooded, so we are scraping them out and letting them dry before we add new bedding.

Jasmine was the next critter in the round pen for Kirsty to work with.  She has had a cold, but is doing better.  She wasn’t so sure about having a tarp on her back, but it is great desensitizing training.  She has a really nice personality, and Kirsty really enjoys working her.  She is not trained to ride, but would make a great pony for someone with a little training.

She’s even a great basketball player.  With her personality she will make a wonderful best friend for your son or daughter.

Thank you all for your support!