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Dusty hopes everyone had a great Valentines Day last weekend.  It’s so nice to see his tail growing out nicely and he being happy and healthy.

We got an update on Cisco, one of the horses we got from the 41 Grass Valley horses that we rescued recently.  His adopter writes: “He made the six hour trip like a trooper. For the first week I just let him settle in and two days ago he was haltered. Yesterday he was tied to the fence and hosed off. He gave a little bit of a protest but nothing too bad. All in all he is a very kind boy. He loves being brushed and loved on. I see NO aggression only fear so it will take time to build his complete trust. He greets me at the fence and does not shy away, even after his hose down. He is gaining weight and filling out better. I will keep you all posted as we make further progress.  Thank you so much for allowing me to make him a part of my family.”

Sunday morning our staff was busy unloading a whole truck load of feed bags.

We want to thank Animal Control for this wonderful donation.

   It was going to be a big clean up day in the barn.  A load of cubes coming as well as bedding, so our staff got right to work loading the trash that always seems to accumulate into the dump trailer.

   We had some approved adopters come out to see Hank.  They felt Hank might be a little to much horse for them.  They met Reina and it was a perfect match, and they put her into adoption pending.

Hank was disappointed that the first people who looked at him weren’t a great match, but then another family visited him and really fell in love.  They put him in adoption pending! It was a great day finding two horses their potential forever homes.

Meanwhile we had people come for manure, it is wonderful that it is going to be put to use, and it’s great seeing the big pile get smaller.  On Monday our staff tore down the rest of the white fence that had been blown over.

  We had this big beautiful boy surrendered to the shelter.  His name is Huey and he is a Belgian Draft.  He has very nice ground manners.

Tuesday morning loads of cubes were being delivered.  Two trailer loads of cubes were delivered, but he could only back up one to the barn at a time.

  The driver backed the first trailer right into the barn.

  Both trailer loads were unloaded into their proper sections without any trouble.

Its great to have a full barn.  The left pile is Trinity Horse Refuge’s feed, and the right is Horse Plus’s.  Trinity Horse Refuge is, of course, paying for their own feed.  Our two boards have decided to let Trinity Horse Refuge share the facility with Horse Plus.  They are a sanctuary, and we are a shelter, so it is not a conflict of interest.  There is plenty of room at the shelter with 55 acres, and they will be helping out with the lease.  It’s a win-win for both organizations!

 Our staff were also busy moving the new fencing to where the white fencing was blown over.

They got right to work digging new holes for the posts.

We had some visitors come out to see some of our adoptable horses.  They really fell in love with Geronimo and Avatar, and put them both into adoption pending.

  Some more manure was on its way to its new home, we are so happy people are coming to take it away.  In all there were 3 loads taken away today.  One guy who came was told to back up to the pile of manure.  He started backing up to the pile of cubes, but Larry quickly explained that he was looking at the horse feed, not manure.

  Alicia was having a great time being turned out. It brings joy to our staff to watch the horses run and buck for joy.

Geronimo also got a short leading lesson as he too was going to get turned out. He really is a smart boy.

By the end of the day half of the new fence is up and looks great.

Huey was showing off to his new friends who were quite impressed by his 17+ hands of height.

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