Our rescuers attended the auction Saturday night (the 21st) and rescued 11 precious lives!  They drove all night to get back to the shelter and arrived at 5:00 am Sunday morning.  We will have an auction blog that updates you with each one, but we wanted to send you a quick “Thank you!” for making this auction rescue possible.

Wednesday found the staff hard at work on the stalls, it’s truly a never ending job.

  Kaiferr was getting ready to head to his new home on Thursday morning, we are so happy for him.  He was a little confused why he was in the trailer by himself, but he settled in for his trip no problem.

  Larry and Janice got to work getting the rest of the fence built.

Our farrier came out and did a lot of trimming.  She was getting our horses that are in adoption pending ready to go to their new homes.  She also worked on the other horses that aren’t in adoption pending all trimmed up too.

The Alpacas were really not sure why Kirsty and Tawnee was leading them around.  Where could they be going?  They loved their pen, it had been their home for just as long as they could remember.

Soon they realized that they were in a much bigger pasture with of new things to explore and eat.  They began leaping for joy.  They are so cute when they start frolicking around.  Geronimo was curious about them, but when they started flying around in the air, he decided they were not good friends.  The other horses in the pen didn’t mind them too much but wanted to keep them at a distance.

Angel is such a sweet girl.  She tries to listen so intently, imaging what the world must look like from the sounds she hears.

Tinker got another lesson in ground work.  She is available for adoption.  She is a 4 year old Paint pony who is halter trained.  She is a little skittish, but with a little love and training she will make a great kids pony.  We rescued her from the Oklahoma auction we attended.

At the end of the day the fence that had been blown over is finally finished and it looks great. Thank you to our wonderful staff and all their hard work.  This is a vinyl fence so it should look great for years.

We have a benefit concert coming up on March 14, 2015 in Penn valley CA.  The majority of the proceeds go to the 41 Grass Valley horses here at Horse Plus, please spread the word.  To order tickets, click here.


Thank you all for your support, both financial and emotional.  It really makes a huge difference!