February Auction Rescue Update!

   Saturday night three of our rescuers were at an auction.  Shari, our Oklahoma rescuer, was visiting California and enjoyed visiting the auction where she has rescued so many precious lives.  The kill buyers kept glaring at her, wondering what she was doing back at “their” auction.  Jim and Laura were the lead rescuers at the auction.  After the auction, in the early morning, the horses were all loaded up and they hit the road.

Some of the horses were wondering where they were going, it was still so dark outside.  Finally at 5:00 am they arrived at the shelter.  The rescuers had worked all night to get the horses safely to the shelter.

One by one they unloaded off the trailer and into their waiting pen.

  We would like you to meet the horses.  This is Steele, he is a 2 year old Stud colt who was ridden through the auction, we believe he is an Andalusian.

This cute little guy is Stetson, a 28 year old pony who has some of his teeth missing.

This pony molly mule is Shawna.  We would to take a moment to thank Beverley for her generous donation and name suggestions.

   This little guy is Armand, he is 3 years old and has some pain in his legs due to having long feet.  We are having our vet give him a quality of life assessment, we fear that as he grows older and bigger that the condition may worsen.

This is Rowdy, a 6-7 year old good looking red roan stud.  He is halter broke and will be gelded soon!

This handsome guy is Tuxedo. He is in his 20’s and has chronic arthritis in three of this legs.  It’s really sad, you can tell it is causing him a lot of chronic pain.

   Meet Fancy Feet, she has four white socks and a blaze.  She had been buddies with a jack donkey and got separated from him at the auction.  She has now become best friends with Shawna.  We believe that she may possibly be pregnant as the jack was ungelded.  She may have a baby mule tucked inside her belly.

This is Spud, a 1 1/2 year old pony.  He is very cute!

Here’s Rusty, a 3 year old pony.

Jane is a 14 year old mustang pony mare, she has been itching herself due to lack of worming, she has rubbed all the hair off her rump. We will be worming her asap.

Barbara is a 1 1/2 year old beautiful friendly filly who is halter broke.

We would like to thank everyone who donated to make this rescue possible.  We would also like to thank our Facebook fans for helping us name the horses.  Without your support this rescue would not have been possible, and these 11 precious lives would be facing a very scary, uncertain future!