Sunday our auction horses arrived very early at the shelter, if you missed that blog, click here.

  Danny was adopted and headed home on Sunday.  He hopped right in the trailer and off he went, we are so happy for this cute little guy.  He was one of the youngest horses from the Grass Valley group.

   Some potential adopters came out to visit with a horse they are adopting.  They are waiting for their application to be approved before they can pick up their horse. While visiting they fell in love with one of our roosters and decided to adopt him. We are so happy for this guy and his new family.

Meanwhile our staff and volunteers worked hard on cleaning stalls.  We have so many horses that cleaning stalls is a daily task.

  Monday a lady come out to see if we had a horse that would be a great match for her home.  She visited with our ponies and minis, and just fell in love with Roxie and decided to put a hold on her.

  Tuesday was a busy vet day.  3 of our horses are getting adopted out of state so they needed to get their coggins and health certificates done.

Next our vet examined the horses rescued from auction.  The vet found that 2 of the auction horses had a very poor quality of life with chronic health issues that were causing a lot of pain.  The Last Act of Kindness is the only humane option to end their suffering.  We are thankful that all the others were given a clean bill of health.

He checked all their teeth to determine their ages.  This is Stetson,  our vet said he’s close to 30, Home at Last Sanctuary was gracious enough to offer this little guy a permanent home at their sanctuary.

We had a few stallions and colts from auction that needed to be gelded. Kirsty reassured them that they will be okay as they quietly went to sleep.

  They were no doubt wondering what had happened when they woke up, but thankfully they have a bright future ahead thanks to your donations that saved their lives from shipping out on the slaughter pipeline.  The 4 stallions and colts were gelded that were rescued from the auction.

Wednesday we had a horse surrendered. This is Katie, she is a paint cross/ gaited 23 year old mare who is sweet on the ground and trained to ride. She is about 14 hands. She can be a little shy at first.  She is looking for her forever home, maybe yours?

Thursday our farrier came out to trim some of the auction horses.  So many horses that come to us from auctions have horrible, neglected hooves.

Our pregnant Mustang mares are getting so curious when around humans.  If you are interested in adopting one of theses mares, their fee is waived.  We would love to have them in their forever homes before they foal.

   We have a benefit trail ride coming up on March 28, 2015  in Nevada.  Half of the proceeds go to Horse Plus.  For more information, click here.  To sign up for the event, click here.


 Thank you all for your support!  We couldn’t rescue and care for horses without your continued financial support.