We got another great update on Cisco, who was one of the 41 Grass Valley horses.  His adopter writes: “Cisco is in with Tut now and doing great. He has gained weight, and becomes more friendly & trusting everyday. He is still a bit on guard.  We are taking it slow, the main thing is trust and we are getting there quicker that I would have thought. He is a blessing to my life and home.”  We are so happy for Cisco!

Sunday morning Larry was busy pressure washing our surgery room.   He was really making it look wonderful!

April was busy cleaning out the chute area.

While Larry and April were cleaning out the vet room, Kirsty was busy showing horses to potential adopters.  Hank’s approved adopters came and adopted him.  We are so happy for him and his new mom.

They live in a cold area so they brought Hank a new blanket and then he loaded right up.

 Some people came see our pregnant Mustang mares, we are so happy to have people interested in them. They liked Prairie, one of the mares, so much they put an adoption hold on her.

   We had this sweet very old mare surrendered to us. She is over 30 years old, and will be having a quality of life check by our vet.

As usual it was a very busy Sunday, another visitor come out to see the horses, she enjoyed visiting with the horses from Grass Valley.

Janice worked hard cleaning the stalls, it’s a never ending job.

   We had two roosters adopted, they were buddies and hung out together in the same group. We are so happy they are going to the same home together.

The two mules we had transferred from the National Park Service, Buck and Jerry, were adopted and went home on Sunday.  We are so pleased they were adopted together.

   They both loaded so nicely, we are sure Buck and Jerry are as happy as they can be, going on their new adventure together.

  This visitor fell in love with Fancy and put an adoption hold on her.  It was a very busy Sunday with horses adopted and put into adoption pending.  We would like to thank all the adopters coming out to look at the horses, you are the reason we are able to save many precious lives!

Thank you for your support!