We would like to send a huge Thank You to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) for their emergency grant to help with the Grass Valley horses!  If you missed their rescue story, click here.

Their grant really helped cover the huge financial costs of rescuing, transporting, vetting, training, care and all the other costs incurred by this huge rescue, we cannot thank them enough!


   Wednesday Cathy was hanging up a frame that has a feed bag in it. It is a special Horse Plus bag. It’s not the first time we have seen this bag, for the whole story, click here.

Thursday morning the alpacas were taking a morning snooze.  They are so cute!  These two are not for adoption as they help with weed control around the shelter.

It was a sad and exciting morning for all of our staff.  Jason and Tawnee were hitting the road towards back east, they will be helping to get the Oklahoma shelter up and running.  It was a hard goodbye as our team works so close together.

Everyone was sad to see them go, but we know that they are going to do wonders helping our shelter in Oklahoma.

We had a rooster surrendered.   His name is Buster and he’s very handsome.  If you are looking for a pet rooster, we have plenty of them at the shelter.

Our farrier came out to work on the boys that were rescued from the last auction.   She was not able to do them last time as they had just been gelded.  Rowdy was super good for her, but while he was getting his feet done, a lady came out to look for a horse to adopt.  She fell in love with Rowdy and put a hold on him.

Meanwhile Jim and Laura were loading Fancy and Colors up.  They were being transported to their new home. We are so excited for them.

We had a potential adopter come our to look at our Grass Valley horses.  She really fell in love with Blaze.  She enjoyed how smart he is.

Two of the auction ponies and the mule were heading to Home at Last.  We are so happy that Home at Last had room for these three precious critters.

Prancer, one of the Grass Valley horses is in adoption pending.   On Thursday his whole potential family came out to meet him.  They enjoyed giving him treats.

Jason and Tawnee made it safely to their first layover ranch.  They would be taking a break there.  They are taking their personal horses and some of the shelter’s resident horses back east with them.  Tawnee couldn’t say “Goodbye” to Phoenix and Angel and just had to take them with.  We know they are going to love all the green grass back east.