Tuesday was starting off to be a very busy day.   We had to sort the mares who had recently foaled with their babies from the rest of the herd.

They are all doing so well, we are so happy to have happy healthy mamas and babies.

The auction horses who were recently gelded are healing well and were ready to be turned out, they were so excited to be out running and stretching their legs.

Prairie’s family had to come see their new baby, they are so excited and loved meeting him.

Our vet came out to do a quality of life check on a few horses who were surrendered to our shelter recently into the Last Act of Kindness program.  We always take Last Act of Kindness decisions seriously and do what is best for every horse that comes to our shelter.

Geronimo, who we rescued from an Oklahoma auction last year, was also getting a check up as he had a fever a week ago.  Our vet said he is doing much better and should be able to go home real soon.

Fancy is a 3 year old filly who is halter broke.  Today was one of her tying lesson days.  She was a little anxious but did well.

Wednesday we had a guy come out and replace our paper towel dispensers.

The new ones are so nice!  They work really well we are very happy and want to thank Comsco, Inc for replacing them.

  Jason and Tawnee arrived in Oklahoma.  It was a very long trip.

   Angel was amazed at all the new sounds of birds she heard in the woods.  She stopped and listened for a long time.

   Phoenix and Angel both seemed to approve the location of the soon to be Oklahoma shelter.

   This Saturday March 14, 2015 is our Lacy J Dalton benefit concert for the 41 Grass Valley horses, half of the proceeds go to Horse Plus. We hope you can come, show your support and have a great time!  For more information, click here. 

Thank you all for your support!