The next auction is this weekend and we need your help to save lives!  Every month we rescue as many horses as we can at livestock auctions to keep them from slipping into the slaughter pipeline.  Please help us save precious lives, click here.

Thursday morning Prancer was getting adopted.  He had a fancy new halter and was quite the stylish looking guy as he rode away.  He is one of the horses from the Grass Valley group.  The previous owner that Animal Control seized the horses from has been trying to track down people who are adopting the horses, if you receive a message from Fred, please forward it on to us.  He is upset that the vet recommended the Last Act of Kindness for some of the horses that had chronic medical problems that were causing them continuous pain.  Our security cameras have caught him snooping on the shelter property at night despite being repeatedly told to stay off the shelter property.  He has also left threatening messages on our phone and email.  It is an Animal Control case and these horses were legally surrendered to us from Animal Control.  Our goal is to get them healthy, happy and adopted into great homes.

Our farrier came out to work on the Mustangs feet in our padded chute.  This machine has been an absolute lifesaver for horses and humans.

The babies were a little confused why they had to be separated from their mom, but Kirsty assured them that their mom was just getting her feet trimmed and they would be reunited soon.

The grinder really helps with getting a nice easy finished touch.  It is a lot faster than a rasp.

   Meanwhile Kirsty was getting some one on one imprint training with the babies, they were very curious with the humans and did very well.

Kirsty and April also made sure to dip their umbilical cords in iodine. Dipping their umbilicus in iodine as soon as possible after birth is important as the iodine drys the umbilical stump and prevents bacteria from traveling up the stump and entering the foal’s body.

Geronimo’s mom came out with her vet after hearing the good news from our vet that he was doing much better. Her vet as well said he was doing better and could go home real soon.

Our farrier continued to work on the Mustangs feet.

After being trimmed, moms and babies were reunited and the babies went right to enjoying their lunch.

    Towards the end of the day we had a goat surrendered.  Meet Don Quixote, he rode very well in the back of his truck all the way to the shelter.

   The people who surrendered him said they found him a week ago and he was emaciated. After a week of great food and care, he made a full recovery and is looking for his forever home. He is well trained and friendly.

   The lady said goodbye.  She sadly could not keep him as he has large horns and was a little to bossy for her other goats. We thanked her for helping recover this beautiful guy.

Saturday March 28 is our benefit trail trial, we hope you can attend it should be a lot of fun.  For more information, click here.

Thank you all for your support, please remember our auction rescue this weekend!  To help out, click here.