11 horses pulled from the auction!  We would like to thank each and every one of you who donated to make this rescue mission possible, you are true horse heroes!  We will have all of their pictures and information on our blog soon.

 We got an update on Jasper, his new buddy has been working hard training him and is now riding him. We are so happy that he is turning out to be a great riding pony.  We rescued Jasper from an auction awhile ago.

Tuesday was St. Patrick’s Day, our office has some fun decorations

Barbra wanted to wish everyone a happy St. Patty’s Day.  She made sure to wear green so she would not get pinched.

Tuesday morning the moms and babies were turned out to the big pasture.  The babies had a blast running and playing.

The other mustangs mares who are still pregnant were also moved to a the foaling pen where they can foal when they are ready.

Larry spent some quality time with the tractor, getting it all ready to work hard.

Kirsty was busy working on desensitizing Barbra.  She learned that the scary tarp really isn’t all that scary.

April was busy cleaning the alleyway.  We can’t thank April enough for making sure the grounds sparkle!

Faith continues to clean stalls daily.  She is such a good worker and really helps keep the horses happy and healthy.

Don Quixote got to enjoy some grass while his stall was being cleaned.  He is such an amazing looking goat.

Kirsty worked with Rowdy on his catching skills in the round pen.  He tends to not pay attention, but in the end he did very well with his lesson and learns fast.

Jim arrived with some horses that were surrendered.

 They safely unloaded off the trailer, curious and wide eyed at their new surroundings.

Wednesday morning we had another baby.  Savannah is the proud mother, we will have more picture soon.

Thursday Larry cleaned our quarantine pen for the new auction horses that were coming in.  It’s so nice to have the tractor running in tip-top shape again.

This coming Saturday we have our Benefit Trail Trial.  There are some really amazing prizes, check out this amazing belt buckle, it even says Horse Plus on it!

It will be a great time, hopefully you all can attend.  For more information, click here.

Thank you all for your support!