March Auction Update

  Thanks to your extremely generous lifegiving donations, we rescued 11 horses from auction this last weekend.  We can’t thank you, and our hard working rescue team Jim and Laura, enough for making this possible.

They loaded up without a fuss and were on their way to safety.

They all arrived at our shelter, curious and wide eyed at their new surroundings.  It is really sad that this foal is in such poor condition, it’s hard to say what he has gone through in his short life, but from the looks of him, we know it can’t be good.

They unloaded safely and settled quietly in the quarantine pen.

We would like you to meet the auction horses!  This is Midas, he is a stallion around 5 years old.  He has viral warts which is highly contagious.

This pretty girl is Pearl and she is a 5 year old Perlino.  She was ridden through the auction and Kirsty will be evaluating her soon.

This is Tootsie, she is 15 years old and was ridden through the auction.  She does have a very sore back which could be from a spinal injury.  We are going to give her some time to heal before evaluating her training level.

Nevaeh is an 8-9 year old Arab cross mare.

Firefly is a off the track Thoroughbred who is 20 years old and has a very painful hernia on her abdominal wall with mass and heavy hard knots.  Sadly, the best we can do for this precious girl is give her the Last Act of Kindness.  It is so sad when people dump their horse at the auction when it needs them the most, instead of taking responsibility for their animal.   Thankfully we were able to rescue Firefly, she will never know the horrors of the slaughter pipeline.

Penny is an 11 year old mare who has some cloudiness in her lenses on both sides.  We are told she was a ranch horse and is nicely trained.  Our vet says the cloudiness should not be an issue.  She will be evaluated soon.

This handsome guy is Titan and he is 8 years old, he was ridden through the auction and will be evaluated soon.

Chance is a 8 month old colt. He has an uncoordinated hind end, which may be caused by a spinal injury.  Our vet will be examining him to determine his quality of life.

Nibbles is a yearling colt who is a little mouthy but very friendly. This poor guy went through two different auctions within this last month, but thanks to your donations, he is now safe!

Pony Boy is a shy bay pony stallion. He will be gelded soon and then evaluated.

This is Timmy, he is a yearling colt.

Thank you all again for your support of our auction rescue!  We cannot thank you enough!