Sunday the auction horses arrived, if you missed that blog click here.

   First thing in the morning the staff got busy sorting the new baby and his mom from the herd of expecting mares.

   Kirsty and Cathy got busy with a quick imprint training session as well as dipping his umbilical cord  in iodine.

Before long Savanah and General where out with the other two moms and babies.

Waiting at the gate for opening time was a trailer with a precious life inside.

 This is Dexter, he had a sinus foley catheter at UC Davis. He was surrendered for evaluation into our Last Act of Kindness program.  We are going to do our best to rehab this amazing boy.  He is 5 years old and is trained to ride.

A big group of people come to see the shelter to take a look at some of the horses available. Larry enjoyed showing them around the shelter.

Chief, one of the Grass Valley horses, was enjoying a nice scratching.

Monday we had two donkeys returned as their owner could not longer care for them.  This is Ocean and Breeze, and they are available for adoption.  Please contact our office if you are interested in adopting them.

Tuesday morning our vet came out to check on the auction rescue horses.

All the horses were good for the vet and didn’t cause him any trouble.

Nibbles was interested in what Larry was writing down, Larry assured him everything is okay and he is safe.

Dottie’s group came out to see her.  They gave her a good grooming, and Little D got some attention too.

The kids raise money at school so they can sponsor Dottie. They had to get a nice picture with her for their classroom.

We have a lot of people coming to get our manure in all kinds of vehicles.

Ocean and Breeze were getting lead out to the pasture.

They both happily headed out to explore and meet all their pasture mates.

  Thank you all for your support!