Thursday we had three horses surrendered.  It is always sad when people have to surrender their horses to the shelter, but we are so thankful that we are able to help so many horses in need.

Two of the horses were surrendered into our Last Act of Kindness program. They are both in chronic pain and lame.

The other one is Jesse, he is a nice boy who is looking for his new forever home.  He is a 23 year old American Show horse and was shown. He is great to ride in an arena stetting, but is very buddy sour.

Our farrier came out to work on some of the horses. Its a weekly chore as we get horses in all the time that need attention given to their hooves.

This is Danny’s hooves.  He is a 2 year old bay gelding.  His owner passed away and he has never had his feet trimmed.  He had a really bad club front right hoof.

Our farrier did a great job and his front feet look much better now.

Sunday morning Geronimo’s Mom came to pick him up. We are so excited for him as he starts his new adventures in life.  We rescued him from an Oklahoma Auction and transported him to our California shelter in Nov.

  Prairie and Remington were also adopted.  They loaded up great, excited to see where their new home will be.  Remington has never been anywhere other than the shelter as he was born on-site, so it’s all very new, exciting, and possibly a little scary for him.  We are so proud of Prairie, she has been such a good mom and we know she will continue to be.

Cherokee also was being adopted and was heading home with Prairie and Remington.

Our staff got to work cleaning the trailer out it was pretty dirty from all the rescuing it has been doing.

A guy came out to get some manure, he brought his bob cat and took 3 giant loads home.  It is nice to see the big pile being taken away.

Blaze, one of the few Grass Valley Horses that was halter trained, was getting ready to load up, heading to his new home. We are so happy people are adopting theses horses and giving them loving, forever homes.

Kirsty was busy evaluated one of the auction horses, Titan.  Laura, one of our auction rescuers, fell in love with him at the auction and wanted to adopt him if he checked out OK.

Laura really enjoyed riding him and adopted him, we are so happy for them!

All of the minis and ponies we have on site, including the permanent residents, got their worming done.  It’s a big job, but Kirsty did a great job.  The mini’s were not very excited about the yucky tasting medicine of course.

Monday morning the cutest little mini trailer pulled up.

It was Roxy’s new mom, she was excited that today was her day to adopt her.  Roxie loaded up into her perfect little trailer that seemed to be made just for her.

Steele’s mom came to pick him up as well, he is such a handsome guy.

He also loaded up into the trailer like a pro and took one last look at the shelter before heading home.

At our Oklahoma Shelter on Monday, Shari was busy rescuing 3 donkeys that really needed help.  There were 2 jennys and a jack.  They were being advertised for $100 for all 3, and we were very concerned that they would end up in the slaughter pipeline.  The slaughter pipeline is extremely active in Oklahoma as it is legal to ship horses and donkeys to slaughter, and it’s just 1 state away from the border.  They were left on some property when the property sold and the new owner didn’t want them.  Shari arrived and shortly all 3 were safely in the rescue trailer.

They arrived at the OK Shelter and unloaded into their waiting pen.

They started walking around with curiosity, checking out their new place.  The darker one is the jack, his name is Bow, and in-tact jack.  The one in the middle is Feather and she appears to be very pregnant, and the last one is Arrow, who could possibly be Feather’s offspring, who could also be pregnant.

We need your help to help these three precious donkeys!  This is one of the first rescues at the new Oklahoma Shelter, and we could really use your help.  Bo needs to be gelded, and Arrow’s hooves are in really bad condition, along with all the other medical and care needs they have.  To donate to help care for these precious 3 donkeys, click here.

Thank you all for your support!