Thursday Janice our volunteer was working hard on cleaning our squeeze chute.

Our farrier came out to work on some of the auction horses as well as some of the other horses at the shelter that needed it.  Pearl was a good girl when it was her turn.  She recently had a hold put on her and we are hopeful that she will be heading home soon.

We had a previous adopter come out, she is looking for another horse to add to her family. She enjoyed meeting the Grass Valley horses.  Moe was looking for some scratching and enjoyed her attention.

She really feel in love with Lady Bug, one of the Grass Valley mares.  Lady Bug is very pregnant and should be foaling soon.  Lady Bug won her heart and she put an adoption hold on her.

Before long the Squeeze Chute was all squeaky clean, Janice did an amazing job.

After finishing the chute Janice went to help April.  They were cleaning all the buckets and feeders.

We had some adopters come out and they just fell in love with Nibbles.  They also liked Nevaeh, so they decided to put a hold on both of them.  They are really good buddies and we didn’t want to separate them. We are very happy for the both of them and this wonderful new home.  They are both recovering from their gelding operations nicely.  These little guys were at the auction, hopeless and facing the horrors of the slaughter pipeline, but thanks to your help, they have a wonderful home lined up.

Meanwhile Hoss was getting his hooves trimmed.  He is such a good looking donkey.

Kirsty was working a little with Rowdy on desensitizing.  He was not real happy with the tarp, but in the end he learned it was not so bad.

Janice was continuing to scrub the buckets and got them all disinfected and clean.

Sunday we were closed but a big group of people showed up anyway.  They drove a long way to surrender their two roosters on Easter.  Please remember we are closed on holidays, but thankfully some of our staff were there taking care of the animals when they showed up and were able to accommodate them.

This guy is Rudy.

We would also like you to meet Mortdecai.

On Sunday one of our transporters dropped off Ceebud, a 3 year old TB.

  After Ceebud got settled in, Titan was loaded up, ready to head to his new home. We are very excited for this handsome boy and his future.

We can’t thank you enough for all of you support that makes our rescue and sheltering possible!