4-7-15 : Oklahoma Shelter

The 3 donkeys at the Oklahoma Shelter are doing good. The morning after they were rescued, Shari was working on becoming friends with them.  She sat in the pen and soon they walked up to her after a few minutes of her talking to them.  Bow let her touch the front and side of his face and actually bumped her hand a few times with his nose. Arrow, the obviously pregnant jenny, walked up to her and got about two feet away and stopped.  They were so interested in what this human was doing in their pen.

After gaining their trust, Shari was able to evaluate them to see if they had any halter training.  Feather, the very pregnant donkey, took the halter and leads decently.

Bow, the intact jack, stands tied good. He does not want to lead, but does after a while.  He was a good boy for it all.

Arrow, who is probably Bow and Feather’s adult baby, didn’t know much at all.  Shari started working with her learning what the halter is and how to tie.  She did really good for her first lesson.

Arrow’s hooves are in really bad condition.  We are really hoping that she will be pass her vet examination and will be able to be rehabbed.

Tuesday found the donkeys in the trailer headed to the vet.  They were wide eyed with ears perked up, wondering what was happening.

Arrow was examined to see if she was pregnant, and we received the great news that she is not.

Her hooves were examined next and prepared for X-rays to make sure there is no rotation of the coffin bone.

Arrow was a good girl and tried her best to stand as still as possible for the X-rays.

Arrow’s X-ray is one of the strangest we have seen due to some separation.  It has caused an air bubble, preventing the hoof from growing properly.  The good news is, this can be corrected and with proper hoof care she will be just fine.

Feather was examined to see how far along she is and when her due date may be.  The vet believes she is going to foal near the end of May.  She was a good girl for her examination.

Bow was gelded and didn’t like the vet visit at all.  He was very happy to be back at the shelter and getting out of the trailer back into his pen.

We would like to thank everyone who has donated for the rescue of these 3 precious donkeys.  We would also like to bring your attention to the fact that our Oklahoma shelter is in need of a mare motel type barn, round pen, fencing and volunteers!  It is located near Oklahoma City, if you can help, please contact us at okshelter@horsehumane.org.  Any financial donations would be greatly appreciated to get this second shelter up and running smoothly so we can attend auctions regularly and save hundreds of lives from the slaughter pipeline in Oklahoma.  To donate, click here.