We have been getting updates on our horses who recently have been adopted.  We are always so glad when adopters take the time to send us updates!

Here is Argon (aka Randy,) one of the Grass Valley horses.  His adopter writes: “Argon is doing amazing! He is such a lover and I love him.  He’s doing so good he’s a doll.  He walks right up to me when I come out to feed him and get him out to work him.  I’ve already got a saddle on him and will be riding him in the near future.  I just absolutely love him!!! He’s so smart and learns sooo fast.”

Here’s a picture of him before and after, he has really filled out and looks great.

 Later his adopter sent us another update: “Another awesome update me and Argon have been working hard and I am riding him now. We are going to our first show on the 18th of April.”

We also got a great update from Cisco’s family, he is another one of the Grass Valley horses.  “We got a saddle on Cisco today and he is getting better about being handled. Still a bit of a fight to get him haltered but definitely better. My neighbors who are helping me tend to agree he has been handled at some point in his life because he is not nearly as raunchy as some we have seen. We are in agreement that he was not handled for a long time plus he has gotten away with bullying someone from his past. He does not like you doing anything on his right side but that is a working progress also. He is getting plenty of food, love, and lessons. No doubt that I brought the right horse home.”

Here’s an update on Hank.  “I just wanted to let you know how well Hank is doing! I rode him for the first time a few days ago, then took him out on the trail the very next day. We rode out with a friend. On the fourth day Hank and I went out on the trail by ourselves. He was definitely a little more cautious alone but did great. I am also teaching him the Clinton Anderson Fundamentals and he is almost all through the ground work part. He is willing, sweet, eager to please, and a joy to be around! I simply adore him!!! And Allan’s horse Gunnar loves him so they hang out together. We are so blessed to have him and just treasure him! Such a doll. And I think he is liking his new Nevada life.”

At the shelter on Tuesday we had a major storm hit.  We really needed the rain so no one was bothered by it, but just a reminder we are closed on rainy days.  Despite being closed, a horse was surrendered into our adoption program.

After the rainstorm we got a better picture of her. This is Jazz, a 12 year old Arab Paint mare, who is trained to ride. She needs an intermediate to advanced rider as she is very buddy sour.

We had another load of cubes delivered.

The horses really enjoy watching the cubes be delivered.  Penny was licking her lips watching all the yummy feed tumble out of the truck.  She knows all the cubes were delivered just for her!

On Good Friday, April 3, 2015 Dawn had her baby.

His name is Prince, he is such an adorable little guy!

 Thank you all for your support!  We can’t thank you enough!