The auction is this weekend and we need your help to save  lives!  We have currently raised a little over $2,000 out of our goal of $6,000 for the rescue, shelter and care of slaughter bound horses.  Thank you so much to each and every one of you who have donated!  If you haven’t donated, please take a moment right now, no donation is too small.  Even $10 will really help!  To donate, click here.

Another baby was born on Wednesday.  This guy’s name is Cupid, with a cute little heart right on his face there can’t be a more perfect name.

   On Thursday morning Kirsty and Faith got to work  imprinting Cupid and dipping his umbilical cord in iodine.

Before long he and his mom Sienna were turned out with the other mares and foals.

Next was Prince’s turn for attention and imprinting.  It is so important to spend that quality time with babies right away so they can live their lives free from fear of humans.

  He too had his umbilical cord dipped.

  Prince was very happy to stretch his legs and be turned out with his mom Dawn. We now have four moms and babies in our mare and foal field.

  Chief was excited as he got ready to load up.  It was his turn to go to his new home.  We are very excited for him, he has come a long way.

Chief was so emaciated when we rescued him in January.  If you missed that rescue story, click here.

   He loaded right up with just a little encouragement.  We are always so pleased when rescued horses find their loving, forever homes.

  Kirsty had recently picked up some new heavy duty mats for our vet room.  When we were gelding all the Grass Valley stallions, the mats in the vet room got completely destroyed with gelding that many full size, mature stallions who were unhandled.

 Larry was cleaning the walls and floors in our surgery room, getting it all ready for the mats.

Before long every thing was sprayed down and all clean.

 Soon the mats were all unloaded onto our rolling equine gurney, and ready to be rolled to our vet room.

Then they had to wait until the room dried out.

An unexpected box arrived at the shelter.  What could be inside?

It was a very generous donation of West Nile vaccines, we want to thank Paula so much!

   Kirsty got busy evaluating Penny, one of the horses rescued from an auction.

   She is trained to ride, but Kirsty thinks she may have been sitting for a while.  If you are interested in adopting her, please contact us.

Due to the drought, rice hulls were unavailable for bedding, so we ordered a load of shavings instead.  The shavings are a little more expensive but weren’t too bad.

We are so happy to have nice fresh bedding for the horses.

Thank you all for your support, and please remember the horses at the auction this weekend.  They need our help, and we need your help so we can rescue as many as possible!