Thank you all so much for your extremely generous donations to the auction rescue!  We couldn’t have saved so many precious lives without your help!  We will introduce each horse (and animal!) in the next blog.

Sunday morning Larry was busy scraping out our arena pen with the tractor.

Then the staff put down a layer of shavings.  They were preparing for the auction horses to arrive.

Our arena pen was looking really good after getting all cleaned. It really brightened it up.

  It was Raina’s lucky day as her family came to the shelter and adopted her.

Rania’s new family has been coming to the shelter looking for another horse as well.

They really liked Jesse and enjoyed riding him, he was a really good boy.  It is so wonderful that there are people willing to open their heart and home to horses in need.

They decided to adopt Jesse.  We are so happy that Raina and Jesse get to go home together.

They both loading up and were on their way.

Tinkerbelle stopped by the office to check it out and she told everyone “I’m getting adopted today.”

We are very excited for Tinkerbelle and her next adventure in life. We rescued her from an Oklahoma auction.

She hopped right in the trailer, she is a very good girl.

Our staff and volunteers were working on the new mats and placing them together in our surgery room.  It is so nice to have padded flooring for doing surgeries on.

Lady Bug, one of the Grass Valley mares, was getting sorted out of the pasture, she is in adoption pending.  She is also getting quite big and should be having her little one soon.

We had a horse surrendered, his name is Sam.  He has anxiety problems and tends to bolt when he is away from other horses.

 The lady who delivered him (a previous adopter) put a hold on Pearl and decided when she delivered Sam she would visit Pearl.

She liked Pearl so much that she decided to adopt her.

Thank you all so much for your support!  We cannot thank you enough.