Meet all the horses and the rescued goat in the April Auction Rescue Blog, click here.  Thank you so much for donating, making it possible for us to pull them from the slaughter pipeline and give them love and safety.  

Everyone has been very busy at the shelter.  Larry was working on hanging gates.

 Kirsty jumped in to help hold the gates so Larry could work on the hinges.

We how have gates that swing both directions going into our quarantine pen.  It will make it so nice for sorting horses.

The new shavings are really nice for bedding down the stalls.  The rice hulls were nice and used to be very cheap, but with the drought, the shavings are more economical and they work even better.

The horses really appreciate it, they enjoy their afternoon naps in the nice fluffy bedding.

Rusty was surrendered to the shelter as his owners could no longer keep him.

A visitor came to see our facility and saw Rusty in our temporary instake stall our front.  She fell in love with him and put a hold on him.

Our farrier came out and worked on Rusty as he had shoes on and his hooves were really long.

We had a horse and a mule surrendered. They are so handsome!

 Kirsty and April got to work vaccinating horses.  It’s so important to vaccinate your animals regularly.

Lady Bug, one of the Grass Valley mares, was getting ready to be transported to her new home.  She hopped right in the trailer and off she went, we are very happy for her.

Kirsty was evaluating CeeBud.  She believes he is only track trained, but with some training he will make a great Dressage, Jumping, or English Pleasure horse. If you are interested in adopting him, please contact us for more information.

Barbra was happy to be getting adopted.  We are very excited for Barbra and her new family.  Barbra was pulled from the slaughter pipeline, and now she has a great forever home.

Rusty’s new mom was approved to adopt and came to pick him up. It was great to see him come in and get adopted so quickly. That always puts a smile on our faces.

Dexter’s potential adopter came out to visit with him.

Dexter is a very helpful horse, he even tries cleaning his own stall.  He is such a character.

 Our alpacas were enjoying the hose on a hot day.  Summer is definitely near, and they are going to need their haircut soon.

Nevaeh and Nibbles got adopted! We are so happy theses two buddies get to go home together.

Thank you all so much for your support!