April Auction Rescue Horses

Thanks to your support we were able to rescue 8 horses and 1 goat from two different auctions!  The auction horses arrived safely at our shelter and unloaded off the trailer.  It took two trips to get them all safely to the shelter.

This is Phoenix, he is a big very friendly gelding who is supposedly trained to ride.

This girl is Annie Oakley, she too is supposedly trained to ride and will be evaluated soon by our vet and trainer.  One of our Facebook fans suggested her name as her blaze looks like a rifle.

This sweet cute little pony is Misty she is supposedly a trained to ride, and will be evaluated soon. She also could be pregnant.

We rescued a young Lamancha kid goat, we named her Precious.  Sadly she has a broken leg.  We called out vet out and he examined her, but sadly due to her injury being untreated for so long with bone being exposed, there was nothing we could do for her but to love her and say “Goodbye.”  It’s really sad how auctions are so often a dumping ground for irresponsible animal owners.

At the second auction we rescued 5 more horses. This gelding is Soldier

This mare is nicely built and her name is Star.

This gelding is a Thoughbred and his name is Clooney.

Courage is a sorrel gelding, we will learn more about him after he is evaluated by our vet and trainer.

Here is a 2 year old colt named Cooper.  He has a large hernia and will be evaluated by the vet soon.

Thank you so much for your support that made rescuing these precious lives possible!