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  Sunday we had a load of feed donated by Animal Control. We really appreciate all the feed they donate to us on a regular basis.  Walmart and other retailers donate their broken bags of feed that they can’t sell to Animal Control, and the horse, chicken and livestock feed they can’t use they send on to us.

Sunday Kirsty’s boyfriend Cody and friend Kyle came out to help fix one of our pens.  First they loaded the extra rebar and welding equipment into their truck.

They got right to work grinding and welding our paddock #2.

We had a lady come out who was looking for two ponies.  She fell in love with Jasmine and put a hold on her, she also put a hold on Misty, the pony we rescued from our April auction.

April got to work on some fencing, it’s definitely been the year to work on the fencing.

A trailer pulled into the shelter.  Inside was a horse that was being surrendered.

Meet Bull Winkle, he is a 7 year old Appendix Quarter horse who has navicular in his hind end.  He is sound when riding on flat and or gentle slopes.   He sure is a gorgeous boy!

He had so much fun being turned out into the pasture.  He just ran and ran with delight.

Kirsty’s boyfriend Cody was grinding away, making a nice smooth surface to weld.

Kyle would then weld it together.  We really appreciate them volunteering their time and expertise to get the pen welded together in tip-top shape.

Meet Jake, who was surrendered.  He is a 19 year old roping horse who has mild navicular. Two of our staff members fell in love and decided to adopt him. We are very excited that he found his new loving home.

  Cody and Kyle did a really nice job and made sure the extra fencing that was hanging out was wrapped around and welded back to itself so its not poking out.

They finished up for the day and the section they did looks nice and strait now. They will be back to help out some more and finish the pen.  We can’t thank them enough, you guys did an awesome job!

Our vet has been out several times looking at Copper, a young colt who we rescued from the auction with the large hernia.

His hernia was small, but there was a lot of scar tissue from an umbilical infection.  This is causing him a lot of discomfort, and we had scheduled to have it fixed, but somehow Copper tore the hernia larger and now we have to let it heal some more before surgery.  Poor guy, we really feel sorry for him, we know it’s not very comfortable for him.

   Thank you all for your support, it really means a lot!  Don’t forget to get a shirt: click here.