Thank you so much to everyone who purchased a “Horses Make Me Happy!” shirt!  A total of 60 shirts was sold, raising $720 for the Oklahoma Shelter.  What a great start to the new shelter location.

   To avoid a conflict with Mother’s Day, we have changed our Oklahoma Shelter volunteer day to May 24th, from 1:00 – 6:00 pm.  For more information and to sign up, click here.

  Sunday was a busy day of volunteers, first Tina and her kids came for the day. They got right to work on cleaning the water troughs.

They work really well as a team and family dumping over the heavy troughs.

Then the younger daughter got right to work on scrubbing them clean.

Tina got to work on evaluating horses to help Kirsty. Kirsty has a injured rib cage and has been told by her doctor to stay off horses until she is healed up.  Phoenix had a potential adopter coming to look at him and needed to be thoroughly evaluated.

Next Tina’s older daughter was evaluating Bullwhinkel.  It was easy for everyone to see that he is a very nice horse.  If you are interested in adopting him he is 7 years old and is well broke to ride.  He does have navicular in his rear, but is sound when riding on flat and gentle slopes.

Kyle came back to finish up the welding on the pens.  Cody had to work but Kyle still came to help out and get more of the fencing in tip-top shape.

Tina was still busy in the round pen evaluating Ginger. She is a 17 year old mare who seems to always be in heat and when riding, she acts like a green horse. We will be working with her on riding.

The water troughs were looking all clean, no more green algae.

Our farrier came out to work on the horses.  It sure helps to have a volunteer hold the horse while the farrier trims it.

Kirsty and Tina were still in the round pen as there were a lot of horses and mule that needed evaluating. This is Festus he is a nice mule who is great to ride, he is in adoption pending

Kyle was working away on welding up the fencing.

Another volunteer came up and was bathing Jasmin, but the alpacas wanted to play in the water too. They will be getting sheared in the end of May, but for now they can enjoy playing in the hose as a way to cool off.

Jesse, a 23 year old American show horse, sadly had to come back to us.  At his new home he was getting bullied.

His dad still wanted a horse, so he tried out Phoenix.

He fell in love with him and they decided to take him home. Jesse is now available and his old dad said he is great on the trail and a very wonderful horse.

Jake, who is in adoption pending, needed a quick evaluation too.  He was a very good boy.

He also needed to get his shots as he was heading home.  Kirsty gave Janice, one of our volunteers who wants to be a vet, another lesson on giving shots. She did a great job.

Our farrier finished up and called it for the day. She is a really wonderful farrier and she always informs us of everything she learns about the horses and their feet.

Kyle also finished up and did a very nice job finishing the rest of the fence. Thank you Kyle!

Tina was also done for the day, what a lot of hard work everyone did.  She was  transporting Katie to her new home, so she loaded her up. Katie jumped right in the trailer and off they went. Thank you Tina and the girls for all your hard work today.

   Jake and Buddy, the little colt who got gelded a week ago, were heading home as well.  Adoptions are definitely the highlight of shelter work.

Thank you all so much for your support that makes rescuing, sheltering, and then adopting horses into wonderful homes possible.  We couldn’t do it without you!