We really need your help for this groundbreaking Auction Rescues fundraiser as we are raising funds to save horses from slaughter in 2 states!  Our Oklahoma Shelter is ready to go save lives at an auction, and our California Shelter is also ready to save more precious horses.  This is the very first time we are raising funds to save in 2 states at both shelters at once!  For more information and to donate, click here.

Tuesday we were working getting the feed cubes piled up and moved to the back of the cube bin.

Everyone worked together with shovels, the tractor, and the gator moving all the cubes as a new load was on the way.

  Parcey found himself haltered and being messed with once again.  Kirsty brought him up from our lower pasture so he can start getting ready for the Horse Expo.  Be sure to come see us the first weekend in June, Parcey will be there Friday June 5th and Sunday June 7.  He is such a handsome boy and you will have a chance to ride him when you come say “Hello” to  him.  If you ever wanted to get your picture taken while riding a cow, come see him!  To see the pictures from last year’s Expo, click here.

 Our vet came out to geld Copper and do his hernia surgery.

It all went very well and Copper rested peacefully through the operation.

When Copper woke up he was a little wide eyed with confusion.  We assured him he will feel much better now that his hernia is fixed.  Copper was rescued at the last auction rescue.

 Meanwhile Mr. Don Quixote decided to go on a grand adventure all by himself.  He got out of his pen and headed for the house porch.

He must have thought it was Halloween as he asked for some treats.  He didn’t get any so he left the best trick he could think of on the front steps: goat beans.

Then he thought to himself “These flowers look pretty good” and munched them down.

His adventures led him around the shelter until he found himself stuck in our old cow feeder, where our staff helped him get out.

Once free from the old feeder, he stopped by to say hello to Courage.  He had quite the adventure, but one thing he didn’t find was his new home.  Wouldn’t he be a great addition to your family as a wonderful pet?

 A volunteer got to work mowing along the fence.  The weeds were beginning to grow really high. We really appreciate his help.

The alpacas have also been helping with the weeds around the shelter.

We had some people who were interested in Jazz come out to meet her.  They are looking for a horse for their teenage niece.  They were glad to to learn that we believe Jazz would be perfect for a teenager.


They really enjoyed meeting Jazz.  She is such a beautiful horse and we are hopeful that they are going to adopt her.

 Thank you all for your support, please remember the auction rescues that are coming up.  The first auction is this weekend in California, and the Oklahoma auction will be shortly after that.  Please help us save lives: click here.