Update: $800 raised, more donations needed!  We really need your help for this groundbreaking Auction Rescues fundraiser as we are raising funds to save horses from slaughter in 2 states!  Our Oklahoma Shelter is ready to go save lives at an auction, and our California Shelter is also ready to save more precious horses.  This is the very first time we are raising funds to save in 2 states at both shelters at once!  For more information and to donate, click here.

Last Thursday morning the cube truck arrived with another expensive load of yummy feed.  This load was about $4,000!

  It took almost no time at all before we had a nice big pile of fresh cubes.

  A couple volunteers were taking out our trash and picking up stuff around the shelter.  It’s always so wonderful when people are willing to volunteer their time to keep the shelter looking in tip-top shape.

 Misty and Jasmine were on their way up to the office.

Their new mom had arrived to adopt them and take them home.  They obviously love their new mom, and they loving giving her kisses.  We are so happy we were able to rescue them from auctions and find them such a wonderful home.

  Meet Hay Girl, she is a 12 year old paint mare who has arthritis in her front.  We are told she is good for light riding.

   Our volunteers got to work on cleaning the vet room. Its been pretty busy in our vet room the last couple of weeks so it needed a good cleaning.

They hung up all the halters and lead ropes…

The volunteers did a great job making it very organized.

The horses out in the pasture were having a great time playing, pretending to be wild Mustangs on the wide open range.

Kirsty brought Festus up front, she was going to transport him to his forever home.

    Festus waiting patiently at the trailer for Kirsty to load him.  He was being adopted, but it was a different kind of adoption.  

He was a surprise birthday present for Tina’s daughter.

It was such a fun surprise, she couldn’t believe it.  We really appreciate Tina’s hard work volunteering at the shelter, and we know that Festus will have great home with lots of love and treats.

  The shelter still has amazing sunsets!

 Last Friday Sakkar was brought to the shelter.  She is a very pretty buckskin Arab cross mare. She is 7 years old and a little timid but with time will make a great horse.  She needs to go to a single family as she is alpha and is very aggressive towards other horses.

  Bella came back to the shelter.  She is trained to ride, but hasn’t been ridden in at least a year.  She is a very pretty girl.

One of our volunteers set up a new water system in a couple of the pens.

Its works really well and helps get the water troughs filled more efficiently.

We hope all the moms that read our blog had a great Mother’s Day on Sunday.

  Thank you all for your support!  Please remember the precious lives at the auctions, first auction is this weekend!  Click here.