The auction horses arrived safely from auction.  We again cannot thank you enough for helping us save these precious lives.  They waited patiently as the trailer was backed up to the unloading chute.

They all unloaded off the trailer into our quarantine pen safely.

This filly is named Bailey.   She is very cute.

Baila is a older broodmare who could be pregnant.

This colt is Stryker.

Aztec is a cute buckskin colt.

This draft cross mare is named Aurora.

We had some visitors on Sunday.  The alpacas enjoyed some attention and the people enjoyed meeting them too.

 One of the transporters we work with arrived with three beautiful draft cross mustangs that were being surrendered.

This Mustang gelding is named Jack.  He is 10 years old and is very friendly.  He is also halter trained.

This a Shiloh, she is a 8-9 year old.

Dakota is a 14- 15 year old mare.  Sadly she has foundered and so our vet will be evaluating her soon for quality of life.

  Parcey is such a character, he was having a great time playing in the dirt pile.  He just can’t wait for his grooming to be over so he can go play in the dirt again.

The transporter is interested in Jersey one of our Grass Valley mares. We are hopeful that they will decide to adopt her.

We got a lot of tack donated.  We can’t thank them enough for donating such wonderful tack.

Our farrier can later Sunday afternoon and got to work on two of our wild mustang mares.  It is amazing how the padded chute makes working on wild horses hooves possible.

  In the end their hooves looked absolutely wonderful.

  Some roosters were surrendered to the shelter.  These guys are definitely very handsome.  We get a lot roosters surrendered at our shelter, we are an open door shelter, even to roosters.  Animal Control’s are able to place their hens easily, but not to many people want to adopt roosters.  We started accepting roosters, and quickly realized the fly population was dwindling at the shelter, since then we have accepted roosters openly.  They are available for adoption as pets, but if they are not adopted, they are welcome to do fly patrol duty at the shelter.

Thank you all for your support!