Oklahoma Auction Rescue

Our rescuer in Oklahoma was at a slaughter auction, there were over 100 horses there with semi-truck slaughter rigs waiting to load up horses and haul them across the border to slaughter houses.  One mare in particular really caught our rescuer’s eye, standing alone and rejected looking.  Our rescuer decided to do whatever they could do to help this poor bay mare.

By the end of the auction we had won the bid on 3 horses, including the bay mare seen above, and got in line for loading them up to take them to safety.  It was really heart wrenching watching the big rigs back up and fill up with horses.

The skinny bay loaded up into the rescue rig, she seemed so tired.

A beautiful gray mare was also rescued.  She, too, had the look of complete discouragement in her face.

A younger paint gelding looked scared and bewildered.  We wish we could tell him that everything will be OK.

After loading the horses our rescuer hit the road to the OK shelter.

It was very late by the time the horses were able to unload at the shelter.

The next morning the horses had a brighter outlook on life.  This is Mia, the skinny bay.

She is so skinny and you can easily see her spine, hip bones and ribs.

We believe she is in her late teens.  She really enjoyed her breakfast!

This is Athena, a beautiful gray QH type mare who is 6-8 years old.

Her face shows how hard auctions are on horses.

Her hooves are very long and haven’t had proper care in a very long time.

This is Atlas, the paint gelding.  He is about 4 years old.  He is a large pony / small horse.

He is definitely very adorable.

There is a volunteer day at our Oklahoma Shelter in Norman from 1:00 – 6:00 this Sunday, sun or rain.  If it is pouring rain instead of  a work day it will be turned into a volunteer Meet and Greet so we can get our Oklahoma team going.  For more information and to sign up, click here. 


Thank you all for your support of our rescuing and sheltering efforts, we couldn’t do it without you!