We would like to ask you, our supporters, to take a moment to sign a petition and take a stand against the cruelty of horse abuse and soring going on put on public display at Tennessee Walking Horse shows.  Thursday through Saturday one of the cruelest horse shows, the Big Lick, will be happenings in Columbia, TN at the County Fairgrounds.  With your support, we might be able to get this animal abuse show stopped!  By signing this petition, you will be joining thousands of others who have said “No!  It is NOT ok to abuse horses for a win!”  Every voice counts, make yours heard now: click here.  The organizer of the petition is taking all of the signatures to the Mayor and other officials of the county to try and get the use of the Fairgrounds stopped for the Big Lick.  We know this petition will do a lot more good than other online petitions as it is physically being taken in to officials.  Please sign, click here.

   Monday Faith was busy cleaning the water troughs.  The horses were curious and kept checking in to see what the humans were up to.

The alpacas came over to get cooled off.  They will be getting sheered soon.  They are no doubt looking forward to their haircut.  Due to the drought we are not irrigating our front pastures this year, it is sad knowing that they will soon be all brown.

We had some visitors come see the shelter.  Among all the animals, they really enjoyed meeting Parcey.  He really enjoys meeting people too, we can really see that when we take him to events, he is a real people cow.

Tuesday our vet came out to look at the auction horses.  Part of rescuing horses from auctions includes getting a medical checkup to make sure they are doing OK.

He also checked up on some of the other horses that recently came in.

Meanwhile Dottie was enjoying a good scratching.  She is always so funny and gives all our staff so much joy with her silly antics.

Wednesday was our receptionist Cathy’s birthday! We appreciate all her hard work.  Happy Birthday Cathy, thank you for all you do!

Thursday, it was a little windy out and this rooster had a lion look to him.  What a silly looking bird!  He no doubt wasn’t quite so thrilled with the wind messing with his feathers.

Thursday the staff sorted horses out of the pasture.  This is Jersey and Hazel, the last two of the Grass Valley mares. They both looking so good, it’s amazing what food does for neglected animals.  They are also both in adoption pending.

Parcey needed a refresher coarse on riding so he will be ready for the Expo.  Parcey is a great ambassador showing people that cows can do just about everything, and are just as sweet and loving as traditional pets.

  After the training session Kirsty and Parcey decided to visit the office.  He is such a funny boy!

Thank you all so much for your support, it is vital for our rescue and sheltering operations!