Monday was April’s birthday!  She is such a valued member of our staff, and we don’t know how we would get along without her help. We would all like to wish her a very Happy Birthday!

Our farrier come out to work on our last two Grass Valley mares feet.  They are both getting read to head to their forever adoptive home!  These horses are still not trained to stand for a farrier, so they are trimmed while resting comfortably in our special padded tilt chute.

    Cleaning stalls continues to be a daily job.  We want to thank our staff and volunteers for all their hard work.

Our staff is a really good team, it’s great to see them all pitch together to get everything that needs to get done, done.

  Don, the goat who likes adventuring, had a special stall built and reinforced just for him.

He wasn’t too excited about his new pen, he couldn’t immediately figure out a way to escape.  He feels like he has been sentenced to maximum security jail, but as he is an escape artist, it will be interesting to see where he shows up next.

Our farrier was finishing up with the Grass Valley girls hooves. She did such a great job.

  After their hooves were done they headed back into their stalls.

We had some visitors come see the horses.  Hazel peaked out her window, hoping for attention. Our visitors noticed and gave her some love.

Our visitors were nice enough to donate a bag of grain. We really appreciate it.

The surgery room was getting clean as Thursday was a big gelding day. The 5 mini studs were scheduled for getting their brain surgery.

Our squeeze also got a good cleaning.  It came out absolutely sparkling!

Towards the end of the day Bull Winkle was getting adopted.  He was very happy to load right into the trailer.  We are so happy for him!

Thank you all so much for your support, we couldn’t do it without you!