Thursday was an exciting day, Jason and Tawnee surprised all of us by showing up at the California shelter completely unexpected.  It was really great to have most of the original team back together, even if it was only for 1 day.

Thursday was a busy day as we had to geld the 5 minis.

Everyone was very good for their sedation.

They all quietly went to sleep and our vet got right to work.

We also had a Colt come in for our gelding program.  He also had a hernia and needed to have that fixed too.

It was great having our volunteers there to help, as well as Jason and Tawnee.  Everyone pitched in to get the job done right.

  A SUV and trailer pulled into the shelter to load up with some manure.  It is so wonderful that so many people want the horse manure, it really helps keep the grounds clean!

The colt’s hernia surgery went well and he was a very good boy for it all.  He recovered nicely in the surgery room after his gelding and hernia surgeries.

After their surgeries, the little boys headed back to their pen.

We had two mares leaving to their new home, but as they are wild, we did all their vaccines in the nice padded chute.  It sure makes giving unhandled horses their medical care safe for staff and horses.

One of our volunteers guided them as they backed the trailer up.  Soon they were loaded and on their way.

Thanks to your support, our rescue and sheltering efforts go on every single day!