A great big truck pulled into the shelter, inside was thousands of dollars worth of feed.


The driver backed up to our bin and soon we have a nice big pile once again to feed all the horses.  It’s amazing how much the horses eat at the shelter!

Our farrier was out to finish trimming the Grass Valley horses.

A nice lady donated some bales of hay, Kirsty went and pick them up earlier.  Feed donations are always so appreciated!

The alpacas are scheduled to get sheared very soon, but in the meantime they enjoy getting their daily rinse off.

We had some potential adopters come out to see Ceebud.  They fell in love with him and put a hold on him. Waffle was working on winning their hearts too.

  After our farrier was done trimming the Grass Valley horses they headed back to their pen.

We had another visitor come out and she really enjoyed meeting Bella.  She is a 7 year old Paint mare.

The donkeys got moved down to the lower pasture with the pond.  They were so excited as they have a lot more room to explore and just hang out being donkeys.

These nice ladies came out and had a great time getting a tour. They really liked seeing the shelter and meeting a lot of the animals.

Last weekend we were at the Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento Ca.

Parcey was there too, doing his best to get people to stop by our booth.  He is such an amazing steer!

And our mascott Spunky was there too.

Parcey gave rides and pictures with a donation.  People really enjoy getting the chance to ride a cow, usually for the first time in their lives.

We also had face painting with a donation.  The little kids really enjoyed it and Janice did such a great job!

This little girl wanted to be a pony.  How cute is that?

Parcey got to meet some giant Clydesdales.  The horses weren’t too sure about Parcey, but Parcey couldn’t care less.  He knew he was the celebrity in the picture.

Parcey was a big hit, we had a lot of people around our booth.

The adults were having a great time too, even Pat Parelli (not pictured) came by to meet him

One of our neighbor booth’s was American Farriers Association and they thought it would be neat to try make a shoe for Parcey.  We have never heard of cowshoes, and no doubt they hadn’t either.

This Gentlemen is the man who wrote our award of recognition from the state of California.

Parceys biggest hit was the little ones.  He is such a great ambassador, teaching kids that cows are just as affectionate, if not more, than horses.

We did not get a picture but Spunky got dragged into a arena by one of the trainers while he was giving a clinic, and he will be on the RFD channel.

It was a great Expo, thank you to each and every one of you who stopped by the booth!