OK Shelter: 6-14-15

Our Oklahoma shelter has been busy!  The vet came out and evaluated the auction horses that were saved at the last Oklahoma auction thanks to your support.  Atlas was a very good boy for the vet.

The vet believes Mia is an Oldenburg in her 20’s.  We really wonder what her story is before she was starved and dumped at a slaughter auction.

Athena was more interested in grazing when the vet was examining her.  She is such a beautiful horse and we are glad that the vet gave her a good report.

Arrow got her hooves trimmed again.  Her hoof was so neglected, we are so happy that we are able to get her the help that she so desperately needed.

After her trim her hoof was recast to protect it.  To see her first trim and x-rays, click here.

The weather was really severe in Oklahoma, causing us to postpone our volunteer day.  They got so much rain, the flooding was just everywhere.

Thankfully, the next scheduled volunteer day was bright and sunny.  Shari got busy making the “Parking” sign.

There was a lot of clearing in the horse pens that needed to be done.

There was 2 guys running chainsaws, including Jason.  Jason worked for the Forestry Service before rescuing horses and is quite knowledgeable about tree care.

All the trimmed up limbs were stacked in huge piles.  Tawnee, Shari and the volunteers threw limb after limb onto the piles.

The horses were very curious about what all the activity was about, and the limbs that were being drug around.

After the clearing was done Atlas gave some rides.  He is such a sweet little horse.

He has had a lot of groundwork training and has started to ride, but can definitely use lots of miles under him to get him finished.

If you are interested in adopting Atlas or any other horses or donkeys at the Oklahoma Shelter, please email us: okshelter@horsehumane.org.

Thank you for your support!