We need your help to save lives, help us pull horses out of the slaughter pipeline. Auction yards are public sales where anyone who wins the bid can buy a horse. Kill Buyers attend auctions to purchase horses to be shipped to slaughter, auctions are the beginning of the slaughter pipeline. All Kill Buyers see are dollars on hooves, and the horses are purchased for their meat, regardless of training level, injuries, or service they have done for their old owners.  For more information and to donate: click here.

   We got some generous donations from the Lucerne Farms booth at the Horse Expo, we would like to thank them.

 Everyone was busy working on unloading all our expo stuff out of the trailer.  It’s amazing how much it takes to run a successful booth.

Soon the Expo work was done and everyone also got back to their normal routine.

  We had a former adopter come out and she played a little with Jazz our 12 year old Paint/Arab.  She really enjoyed working with her.

  Kirsty was busy evaluating some of the horses.  This is Spanky, she is 10 year old Mustang who was started a few years ago.  She is good to ride with a bitless bridal.  She doesn’t understand cues but has had kids on her while being led.

This is Lucy, she is a 15 year old Appendix who is a good intermediate rider horse. If you are interested in adopting either of them please contact us.

Two very nice ladies come out to meet the minis.  They had so much fun with Mystery and Zorro.

Meanwhile the alpacas were being brought in from the pasture.  It was their lucky day to get a haircut.  A professional Alpaca barber was on his way to get them done just right.

They both were very good.  We covered their face as it calms them and keeps them from spitting.

By the time we got both of them done there was hair everywhere.

Now both of them can enjoy the summer weather, and their hair will be just the right length when the cold winter months come again.

We still have people coming out to load up with our manure. We are so happy so many people are coming to take it.

 Our vet came out to look at a few horses and also to geld a jack donkey.

Jake the donkey was sedated and all went well with his gelding operation

Jesse was adopted.  He was a good boy and loaded right up before heading to his new home.

Ceebud and Avatar were also getting adopted and were loaded up.  We are so happy for theses two getting to go to their new home together.  We are so happy that Avatar finally found his home, he has been with us since October of 2014.  To read his rescue story, click here.

Thank you all for your support!  Please remember our auction rescue coming right up this weekend, please make a gift of life right now: click here.