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   Sunday was our volunteer day at the California Shelter.  The volunteers spent a lot of time cleaning up weeds.

 Volunteers and staff also worked really hard cleaning the arena pen.

One of the volunteers enjoyed hosing off some of the horses.  She also turned the horses that are in stalls out into the round pen for some play time.

The front entrance to the shelter was weed whacked down so it looks great.

Volunteers were busy cleaning the different walkways.

Before long all the weeds where chopped and dug out of one of our pens and loaded into the gator.

The donkeys really enjoyed exploring the pen without all the weeds in it.  They are such adorable donkeys, they looked all around, inspecting all the hard work the humans had done just for them.

Kirsty was in the round pen working with Bella as she has a potential adopter interested in her.

Copper was turned out to the pasture.  He really wanted to buddy up with the Alpacas.

The Alpacas were not really cooperating.  He tried to give them kisses and they kept spitting at him.  In the end Copper went off to find another friend.

Kirsty was in the round pen working with Courage.  He is a 3 year old gelding who is only halter broke. He has a willingness to learn, however, from his behavior he must have gotten away with a lot in his past.

Bailey and Aztec were getting moved out of the quarantine pen so Larry could scrape it clean with the tractor.

Larry got right to work on scraping the quarantine pen to get it ready for this months auction rescue horses.  We always quarantine auction rescue horses so they can have their vet clearance before coming in contact with any other horses.

Kirsty was still in the round pen but this time she was working with Jazz.

Larry got the quarantine pen all scraped into a big pile.

We had some visitors come out to see Paolio and Lucy, they are thinking about adopting both of them.  We are really hoping that they will adopt them and give them a wonderful, forever home together.

Some visitors noticed we were cleaning the manure out of the pen, and they said they would like to take some.

So everyone got to work and loaded their truck full.

A group come to visit the donkey family.  They are interested in adopting all of them.

Jake had a great time meeting this little girl.  They are so cute together!

At the end of the day our staff got to work on cleaning the alley, where the giant pile of manure was.

We want to remind everyone that Sunday June 21 is Fathers Day and we will be closed, but our rescue team will be very busy with the auction horses we rescue.  We can only rescue horses with your financial donation, please help us save lives – Click here.

 Thank you all for your support!