Last week the staff was busy working on putting shaving in the quarantine pen for the auction horses that would be rescued.

Some visitors who are interested in adopting both Paoli and Lucy and came out to meet them.  They really enjoyed their visit.

 Both of the girls loved them and we think each match is perfect.  We are so happy for them!

The mares and foals continue having a good time down in the lower field.  The babies have grown so much over the past three months!  If you are interested in any of them, please contact us.  Their adoption fees are waived (of course you still have to be approved to adopt) and the babies will be ready to wean in about 2 – 3 months from now.

We had a very old mare come in for our Last Act of Kindness program, her name is Jill.  Her owners were sad that they had to say “Goodbye” to their sweet girl, but they knew it was time.  We are so thankful we are able to provide this service for owners who cannot afford the high cost of euthanasia when their horses quality of life is diminishing quickly.

Kirsty was cold hosing Jake as he has had a rough time with healing from his gelding procedure.  The vet has been checking up on him, making sure he is doing OK.  Poor guy, we know he will be healed up soon and back to normal.

  Larry got to work deep-cleaning the equipment at the shelter.

Everything came out nice and clean, he did a great job!


We had some visitors come to visit with Katie, they really enjoyed their time with her.  We are always so thrilled when people are willing to open their heart and home to a horse in need.

The first group of auction horses arrived.  Theses are the first 5 out of the 9 total that were saved.  The other 4 are going to be arriving shortly.  When the trailer door opened they looked out, curious at their new surroundings.

  We would like you to meet them!  This young gelding is named Sugar Foot.

This stallion, who will be gelded soon, is Trooper.

This colt is Hidalgo, we think Trooper could be his father.

This is Hidalgo’s mom and her name is Scarlet

This mare is Miss Lady Lace, she was said to be a rescue on her note at the auction.  It’s really sad that she had to be rescued again after being rescued.  She is an Appendix Quarter Horse and is trained to ride, 13 years old.  Her note at the auction said: “Miss Lady Lace, 13 year old Appendix mare, up to date shots / worming, been ridden around ranch and arena.  Great project horse.  Was a rescue from up north.  Sweet and willing mare, loves to please has a lot of ground work.”

If you are interested in adopting any of our horses please contact us.   Thank you all for your support!  We couldn’t do it without your help.