H+ CA Happenings – 7-7-15

It was an exciting day at the shelter as two horses were being adopted!  Lucy and Paoli were the lucky ones.  Larry and Kirsty got to work on their vaccines and microchips.

7-7-15 0

Lucy was so good loading in the trailer, we always wonder when adopters bring a 2 horse straight load how the horses are going to load.

7-7-15 1

Paoli loaded right up next to Lucy. He was very pleased to be going home with his friend.

7-7-15 2

 This big guy was recently surrendered. He is a very lucky boy as he already has a home lined up.

7-7-15 3

   We have four very adorable bunnies available for adoption. This is Charlie, he is an 8 year old mini Rex who is neutered.

7-7-15 4

 This is Chaco, he is a 8 year old mini Rex and he is also neutered.

7-7-15 5

 This is Jack, he is also a neutered 8 year old Mini Rex.

7-7-15 6

 This is Dolly, she is an 8 year old Angora who is spayed. If you are interested in them please contact us. We would like them to go all together or in pairs.

7-7-15 7

 Our farrier came out to work on the Nevada Range Mustang mares feet.  This job would be absolutely impossible to do on wild horses without our specially padded tilt chute.  Not all of them got done, the others were waiting until the next farrier appointment.

7-7-15 8

Sadly Sombra had to come back.  His adopters have begun experiencing personal health problems and were unable to keep him anymore.

7-7-15 9

We had a lot of visitors on Sunday, it was quite the busy day.  Some of the visitors put a hold on Sombra.

7-7-15 10

Some other visitors fell in love with Roxie. They loved her so much they put a hold on her.

7-7-15 11

It was Jazz’s big day as she got adopted and transported home! She was very happy as she had a snack for the journey to her new home.

7-7-15 12

The farrier came to finish trimming the wild mustang mares.  They were taken into the chute and sedated so they would be comfortable for their trimming.

7-7-15 13

Our fairer had some help, so getting the mares done was much quicker.

7-7-15 14

 Rosie got adopted! We are so excited that she has found a new family.

7-7-15 15

She wasn’t too excited about getting into the trailer, but with a little encouragement she loaded in no time.

7-7-15 16

 The wild mares headed back to the lower pasture with nicely trimmed feet.

7-7-15 17

Thank you all for your support!  We couldn’t do it without you.