This cute little Shetland mini was surrendered to our shelter.  Her name is Flower and she is looking for her forever home.  Maybe yours?

7-13-15 1

Our vet came out to get some geldings done.  It’s amazing how many stallions we rescue, but thanks to our vet’s hard work, their future is much brighter as geldings.

7-13-15 2

Janice, who wants to become a vet, is doing such a great job helping.

7-13-15 4

Larry, who was a career firefighter, was busy hanging up our new fire extinguishers everywhere.

7-13-15 5

It’s nice to have extinguishers hanging where they are clearly visible in case of an emergency.

7-13-15 6

The horses who were gelded were waking up by this time.   They were all confused, but we made sure they knew everything was going to be ok.

7-13-15 7

  Kirsty got to work evaluating some of the auction horses.  Cherokee was getting evaluated, and he did very well.  He is in adoption pending, and we expect that his adoption will go through.

7-13-15 8 Sugar, who was rescued with Cherokee from the auction, is going to be adopted by the same family!  We are so excited for both of them.

7-13-15 9

Roxie’s new family came out to visit her.  It’s clear that they have really formed a bond already.

7-13-15 10  This mare was surrendered into our Last Act of Kindness program. She has cancer and their vet recommended humane euthanasia to keep her from the suffering that is inevitable with cancer.  We are thankful that her owner was caring and loving towards her, instead of dumping her at an auction and sending her down the slaughter pipeline.7-13-15 11

We rescued 5 mares from a bad situation.  They came with no financial support, in fact we had to purchase them to prevent them from very likely shipping to slaughter.  We could really use your help to cover their rescue and care costs!  To help out, click here and select “Urgent Need.”  We really appreciate it!

   This mare is named Shadow.

7-13-15 12 This mare is named Jade.

7-13-15 13This beautiful girl is named Buttercup.

7-13-15 14

Shasta is this pretty girl’s name.

7-13-15 15This mare is named Cypress. If you are interested in any of them please contact us.

7-13-15 16Thank you all for your support, we couldn’t do it without you!