Budbud’s potential adopters came out to visit him.  He is a very cute little boy.

7-19-15 1

Budbud’s new family really love him, and he took to them right away too.

7-19-15 2

Sadly, Max had to come back to the shelter.  He was buddy sour with his new friends, and his family felt it was not safe for him when they were gone riding.

7-19-15 3

One of our Roosters got adopted! We are so happy for him.

7-19-15 4

Two horses were surrendered to the shelter.  Meet Cambridge, she is a TB who was a beginner lesson horse.

7-19-15 5

This gelding is Amos, he also was a beginner lesson horse.  If you are interested in either of them please contact us for more information.

7-19-15 6


Our farriers came out to work on a few horses.  Cherokee was one of the horses that got his hooves all trimmed up.

7-19-15 8

 Brodie, who was rescued from a feed lot in TX with 10 min to spare, (if you missed that blog click here) is officially out of quarantine and was turned out. It was so neat to see him trot with joy, happy to be alive.  He is such a pretty mover too.

7-19-15 9

A special stall was getting prepared for a special new critter that was arriving.

7-19-15 10

Meet Champi!  He is a 2 year old male Llama.

7-19-15 11

We had some visitors come right as Champi came in, they spoke with Champi’s previous owner’s and decided to place a hold on him. They are excitedly waiting for their adoption application to be approved.

7-19-15 12

Champi will spend a few days in a stall as he will be getting gelded on Tuesday.  Trooper, his neighbor, couldn’t quite figure out what the odd smelling, strange sounding, long eared, short tempered critter was next door, but he certainly knew it wasn’t a horse.

7-19-15 13

An equine dentist came to the shelter to get some floats done.

7-19-15 14

She did a really good job and was very gentle with the horses.

7-19-15 15


The horses were definitely excited when it was time for their evening feed!  They were running and bucking for joy.



Thank you all for your support, we can’t thank you enough!