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Slaughter Trailer

Last week we had a visitor who enjoyed meeting the ponies.  It’s always neat to see people bond with the animals at the shelter and really enjoy meeting them.

7-26-15 1

Mystery and Blue eyes got adopted. We are so excited they get to go home together.

7-26-15 2

We had some visitors who really enjoyed meeting Cambridge and Amos.  They thought about adopting both of them, but in the end decided not to.

7-26-15 3

Our vet came out to do some check ups. Lady Lace is in adoption pending, but had a sore back when she arrived from auction. Our vet was checking up on her to make sure she would be OK for her new family.

7-26-15 5

Our vet was also getting the ages on the 5 mares that came in and checking them out to make sure they are OK.

7-26-15 6

Three of them have had some training but the other 2 didn’t seem to have a clue about human interaction.

7-26-15 7

Poor Champi, he had no idea why he was in the vet room.  Little did he know it was soon to be his turn to be castrated.

7-26-15 8

 Roxie’s new family came to pick her up.  Look at those huge smiles!

7-26-15 9Her new mom got her all wrapped up for her journey to her new home.  After her legs were wrapped she loaded right up, took one last look at the shelter, and was on her way home.

7-26-15 10

After his gelding operation, Champi’s life got a whole lot better.  His favorite person in the whole world, his adoptive dad, arrived to take him home.

7-26-15 12

Champi loaded right into the trailer and even gave his new dad a hug.

7-26-15 13

Smokey Joe and Max were getting adopted too.  What a great adoption day!  We are so happy that they too get to go home together.

7-26-15 14

Thank you all for your support, we really appreciate it!  Please remember our Slaughter Auction Rescue fundraiser, even $5 will help more than you know!  To help out, click here.