TN Slaughter Auction Rescue – Update

We cannot thank you enough for making the rescue of the horses at the auction possible, we couldn’t have done it without your support!  You will meet 10 of the horses in this blog. The horses are safe at our Tennessee shelter and getting lots of love and food.


This is Gypsy.  She is a Tennessee Walker, 15 hands tall, we do not know if she is trained to ride but she will be evaluated soon.


This is a registered Tennessee Walker, she is 2 years old, 14.1 hands. She is trained to ride and has been ridden extensively they said at the auction. Her name is Dixie Bell’s My Love.


This poor horse is two years old, and is suffering from a broken neck in an old injury. His name is Valor. We took him to the vet and the vet confirmed that he has an old broken neck injury. Due to the break he has to hold his head off to one side.  The vet fears that scar tissue could develop and pinch a nerve in his neck, paralyzing him.


Here is another photo of the 2 year-old gelding with the broken neck from an old injury. You can see how the bone protrudes and his head is forced to turn off at an angle due to the break.


This is Whiskey, a Tennessee Walker, 3 to 4 years old, 14.3 hand, gelding.


This poor little miniature stallion is 4 years old. He is extremely crippled and has a very hard time trying to walk. We’ve already taken him to see the vet and the vet is very worried about him. His name is Abraham.


Here is a another photo of the crippled miniature horse stallion. You can see his poor little legs are quite messed up.


This is an older Tennessee Walker, 15.1 hand, mare, in her late 20s to early 30s. Her name is Scarlett.


This is a registered Tennessee Walker, gelding, he will be two years old in October. He has already been trained under saddle and is 14 hands. His name is Hey Jack.


This is Ginger, a 9 year-old, mare, 15.1 hand, Tennessee Walking Horse. She is trained to ride.


This is a 6 year, 15 hand, Spotted Saddle Horse, mare. Her name is Peaches.


This adorable little mini mare is 26 inches tall and she is 3 years old. She is going to be the mascot for our Tennessee shelter. She is the 300th animal we have rescued this year between our 3 shelters.  We haven’t picked her name yet, we are wanting to get to know her personality before choosing her name.7-31-15-tn-13

All of the available horses are visible on our website, click here.  We know that many of our California followers have said they would love to adopt a TN Walking Horse, and we have great news for you.  We are making the horses at our TN shelter available to adopters in CA.  The adoption fee will remain $400, there will be a $200 vet and coggins fee and $600 transport fee.  We must have at least 6 horses lined up to approved homes before we can make the trip.  Many of the horses at our TN shelter would find homes right away at our CA shelter, and we have worked out the cheapest possible way to get them to CA.  They would be transported by our staff, we would not be using a commercial hauler as we want to ensure they make it to our CA shelter safely and comfortably.  The horses would need to be picked up at our CA shelter, but if the adopter lives along the way or could meet us, that would work fine too, but the fees would still be the same.  If you are interested in any of these wonderful horses, please contact us at

7-31-15-tn-14Thank you so much again for your wonderful support of the auction rescue!  We couldn’t have done it without you!