Some potential adopters, who have a hold on a couple horses, came to visit them since their application is still processing.

7-30-15 1 We had a volunteer day.  Everyone was really helpful cleaning stalls and doing other jobs around the shelter.

7-30-15 3 Kirsty was busy working Cambridge.  She can be buddy sour so Kirsty worked with her, letting her know it’s ok to be away from her friends.

7-30-15 5After Cambridge’s lesson Janice gave her a nice hose off.  It’s been hot lately so we make sure any horse that gets worked gets cooled off after.

7-30-15 6 Kirsty then went through the mare motel doing a quick hosing off for the horses.  It’s just been too hot!

7-30-15 7 After the stalls were done, they got to work on the alleyways.

7-30-15 8Meanwhile Amos was getting some attention out in the pasture.  He is such a sweet, personable guy. If you are interested in him please contact us.

7-30-15 9Last week a far too familiar sight was visible from the shelter:  smoke from a wildfire.

7-30-15 10Some people close to the fire evacuated their horses to the shelter.

7-30-15 11The fire was very intense as it grew.  There were two helicopters and lots of fire trucks driving past the shelter.

7-30-15 13 The helicopters used our two ponds in our lower pasture to fill their buckets.  This has been the first time helicopters have used the Shelter’s ponds to help put the fires out.  We are happy to see the pond water go to such a good cause!

7-30-15 12


A news crew that was covering the fire decided to set up at the shelter for their story.

7-30-15 14It was a exciting but also very scary day, thankfully the fire never came too close to the shelter.

7-30-15 15We would like to thank Cal-Fire for all their hard work and for keeping us safe.

7-30-15 16We would like to thank you for making our rescue and sheltering efforts possible.  It’s only with financial donations from people just like you that we are able to do our great work.