TN Happenings – 8-4-15

Our TN shelter is getting very busy quite quickly.  There are so many horses in need in TN! We were contacted about an elderly man who could no longer keep his beloved miniature horses.  He used to breed miniature horses, but with his failing health he knew he couldn’t keep his minis anymore.  He found homes for most of them, but there were some special ones he couldn’t say “Goodbye” to.  Sadly, his health got to the point where he knew it was time to say goodbye to them too.  Lydi went out and met the adorable little horses.  This is Dustin, a very tiny 28″ tall stallion who will soon be a gelding.


This is Sweet Stuffin, an 11 year old mini mare.


Meet Sweet Melody, a 23 year old mini mare.


This little 29″ tall mini stallion (soon to be gelding) is named Razz Ma Tazz.  All the miniature horses were delivered safely to our TN shelter.  They are all registered and are so adorably cute.

8-3-15-4Thanks to donations from loving, caring people, our rescue team headed out to save lives at the slaughter auction!

8-3-15-5By the end of the auction the trailer was full and one lucky little girl was riding in the air conditioning inside the cab of the truck.

Another mini had to ride in the tack compartment of the trailer, but with the mat and the shavings he was quite comfortable.

8-3-15-6-1 Tawnee was thrilled to be riding with a mini in the truck.

8-3-15-7 At the shelter the horses were so happy to get out and start eating yummy green grass.

8-3-15-8 They settled in and started checking out their new surroundings.


To meet 10 of the horses, click here.


We were really concerned about two of the horses rescued at the auction.  We took them to the vet at the earliest possible time later on the same day they arrived.  This is Valor, a 2 year old who we suspected had  a broken neck.  He has to hold his head off to one side and is unable to move his head freely.

8-3-15-10 The vet examined Valor and confirmed that he definitely had an old broken neck injury and would need to get Xrays.  An appointment was made for the following day.

8-3-15-11 We also were very concerned about Abraham, the little mini that rode in the tack room on the way back from the shelter.  He is extremely crippled in his back legs and can barely walk.  He too was scheduled for Xrays.

8-3-15-12 Back at the shelter, we could really tell that little Abraham was doing his best to get his weight off of his hind legs.  We feel so sorry for him, but we are thankful that thanks to your support, we were able to rescue him.  Who knows what would have happened to him if we were not there.  We were the only people who bid on him.

8-3-15-12-1 The next day Abraham was at the vet office for Xrays.  He hobbled over to where the Xrays were to be taken.

8-3-15-13He was a good boy and stood still for his Xrays.

Valor was also good for his Xrays.  You could see the bone protruding from his neck.  It’s hard to imagine the pain this poor boy has endured so soon in his life.

8-3-15-15 The Xray’s were over soon and the doctor could figure out what’s going on inside.

8-3-15-16After examining the Xrays the vet gave us the sad news that Abraham would be in constant pain due to his deformed legs.  His joints would break down and he would be in even more pain.  The kindest thing to do for Abraham would be to give him lots of love and treats and tell him “Goodbye.”  After examining Valor’s Xrays, the vet told us that his old injury is very serious and that at any time the scar tissue in his neck could pinch his spinal column, causing him to go paralyzed.  The only kind and humane thing to do is also give him love and treats and tell him “Goodbye.”  We are so thankful that we were able to save these two, just the chance to give them love and a peaceful ending to their young lives.  Abraham is only 4, and Valor is only 2, but they have both had such a rough start to life, so broken, so abused, that giving them the gift of a peaceful death is the most humane option for them both.

Dustin and Razz Ma Tazz both had gelding appointments.  They weren’t too sure what that meant, but they heard it wasn’t going to take long.

8-3-15-18 Razz Ma Tazz got some dental work done while he was sedated for his gelding operation.  Both the boys were gelded successfully.

8-3-15-19 The little mini who rode in the cab of the truck has been named Itty Bitty and will be our permanent TN Mascot.  She was taken to the vet for a checkup and a deworming schedule.  She is so tiny and has a huge bloated, wormy looking belly.

8-3-15-20Dustin and Razz Ma Tazz were happy to get back to the shelter.  After looking at Dustin’s papers we realized it was his birthday.  He probably didn’t have a happy birthday, getting gelded on your birthday sure doesn’t bring joy.  It definitely wasn’t the surprise birthday party he was hoping for…
8-3-15-21Thank you all for your support!