Thank you so much for your donations to our Auction Rescue fund.  Our CA Rescue Team attended an auction in Oregon and were able to save 5 precious lives.   Your donations made this possible!



We would like you to meet all the auction horses.   We will have more information soon as they are evaluated.

This little guy one of our rescuers fell in love with and wanted to give him a forever home.  They personally paid for his rescue.  We are so happy that he will have such a great home with them and will be well loved.

8-13-15-0-1 This girl is named Freya.  She is a young Quarterhorse Paint cross.


This pony is named Epona.  She is very cute!


This is Atlas, he is a very flashy boy.


Aiden is a Paint gelding.


Last week our farrier came out to get some horse trimmed.  One of the horses was Tyke, who is in adoption pending.

8-6-15 1

We had a visitor who has never been to our shelter and wanted to come see it and visit the horses. Vegas, who is in adoption pending, had a great time getting scratched.  It’s always neat when people come and share some love with the horses at the shelter.

8-6-15 2

Larry was working on putting lime in the box stalls to keep them clean and fresh.

8-6-15 3

Our staff works incredibly hard to make sure the horses are always bedded in nice clean stalls.

8-6-15 4

It was an exciting day as BudBud got adopted!  We are so happy for him and his new family, and just know he is going to be spoiled.

8-6-15 5

We had a horse surrendered into our adoption program.  This is April, a 10 year old halter broke mare.  We are happy for her as she is already in adoption pending.

8-6-15 7

Our Equine Dentist came out to float a couple of the horse.  We really appreciate her hard work.

8-6-15 8

Meanwhile Kirsty was working with Sugar foot.  He is a 2 year old gelding who is not halter trained.   After working with him, Kirsty built his confidence enough to let her touch him.  He did very well for his first lesson.

8-6-15 9

Moe had some goopy eyes, so our vet came by to check him out.  He has conjunctivitis and will be on antibiotics.

8-6-15 10

Tut was surrendered into our adoption program.  He is a 19 year old Quarter horse.  We are told he is great on the trail. If you are interested in adopting him please contact us.

8-6-15 11Thank you all for your support and your donations to our Auction Rescue!